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Heroes of Hope

29 Sep

Last night we went to the Heroes of Hope Breast Cancer Calendar launch party. My beautiful mom is a part of this calendar because it is all breast cancer survivors. The calendar benefits, my mom’s organization. The calendar is really nice and includes pictures and stories. They are starting to sell them and decided to have a launch party. Dan and I went, along with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend Sam.

Yummy TaTa-Tini.

The gift for each calendar model (shirt from my mom’s organization)

There were a lot of pink beads, music (by the DJ from our wedding!) and appetizers. They made some announcements and had some pink desserts out. Then there was some dancing, which I always love to do. It was a great way to support my mom and I love going to everything she is a part of.

Ryan & Sam playing cat’s cradle with the pink beads

My Mom speaking. ❤

Yummy pink dessert.

Mom’s gorgeous calendar picture.

The party was in a conference room at the Roundabout Diner so after the announcements and some dancing, we headed over to the restaurant part to grab some food because we were all starving. Overall, it was a fantastic night after a super long day at work.

Wonderful Words

27 Sep

I love quotes. Especially inspirational quotes about love, life, and happiness. They speak to me. I thought I would share some of the wonderful words I have found on Pinterest.

found here

found here

found here

found here


A lot of these I want to make myself to hang up in our house someday. They fit us so well.

DIY Halloween Wreath

25 Sep

I love Pinterest. I might even say I’m obsessed……yea, definitely obsessed. I have found so many fantastic DIY ideas on there, among many other things.

Halloween is coming up. Dan loves Halloween and going all out with the decorating. And we’re planning a Halloween party. I thought I would start off our decorating with this super cute DIY wreath I found on Pinterest.

So, I decided to try it out. I found another idea on Pinterest to use pipe insulation as a wreath form because it is much cheaper. So that is what I did. And it worked great. It is kind of skinny because the bigger kind wouldn’t go into a circle without bending but I think it turned out great.

So I got my pipe insulation and some orange and black yarn and went to town.

I didn’t glue the yarn or anything. I just started by wrapping the yarn over the end and at the end of the color, I just tucked the end in. When I was done, I did use a little glue to glue down a few crazy ends that were sticking out a little.

Then I added this bunting that says BOO! which I got over on the Pretty Ditty blog (which is where the inspiration comes from) which I think is awesome.

And I added a little sparkly spider. I tried to make it float in the middle but it just wasn’t working for me. So I just tied it on and I love the way it turn out.

It was a super easy DIY. Does everyone love it as much as I do??


Trash the Dress Love

21 Sep

We got our CD with all 120 of our Trash the Dress photos. I love each and every one of them! It was so fun taking all the pictures and I love the variety we ended up with.

Even though I would love to share all 120….I will share our favorites. Hope you enjoy.

So gorgeous right? I love our photographer so much. Suzanne Simmons is sooo amazing!!! If you live in the New Hampshire or Maine area…or all of New England really…you should contact her. She is fantastic!!

I know we can’t fill our little apartment with framed wedding and trash the dress pictures….but with all these gorgeous pictures…I kind of want to. Anyone else feel this way???

New TV Shows

20 Sep

I love the fall for many reasons. Sweaters. Scarves. Pretty color leaves. Flats.

And new TV seasons starting. I am super excited for TV tonight. A new show, New Girl, is starting on FOX tonight and it looks so hilarious.

I cannot wait!! And I love Zooey!

And the new season of Glee starts tonight! I love that show!!

The new season of Raising Hope also starts tonight, which is pretty funny.

It is going to be a good night of TV!! And I know Dan will watch at least New Girl and Raising Hope with me. ❤


18 Sep

Yesterday was a very busy day around here. We woke up super early (around 5am) so we could help my Mom with her 5k for her nonprofit, It is a nonprofit that supports local breast cancer programs. My mom is amazing.

It was about 40 degrees…pretty chilly for mid September. It is always worth it though to help out my mommy. ❤

We headed to the elementary school where everything was taking place. Then we headed out to set up the water table, which is where we were going to be stationed during the race, along with my little brother. We got about 140 cups set up ahead of time, which was pretty good.

Then I had to start refilling them because we were running out but luckily it was slowing down. Then we just had a watery, empty table left. And a street filled with crushed paper cups.

It was a ton of fun and I love helping out with all of the fundraisers.

After that, we grabbed lunch at Red Hook Brewery, which was delicious. I got a buffalo chicken pita. Yummm.

After lunch, we headed to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a registry completion event. We were able to get anything from our registry that we didn’t get for the wedding for 20% off. I think we went a little crazy but it is all stuff that we will definitely use.

Then I started feeling sick, with the beginning of a cold, and we headed home to relax. Now I have been feeling sick since then and it sucks. Hopefully I will feel better by the morning.

Hope everyone else had a wonderfully productive weekend.


Trash the Dress!

15 Sep

We had a trash the dress photography session a few weeks ago. We used our same photographer from our wedding, who I love! She is so amazing!! Her name is Suzanne Simmons and she works out of Steep Falls, ME. We loved working with her at the wedding and when we weren’t able to get all the pictures we wanted that day, we decided to do a trash the dress to get some more pictures and for another chance to work with Suzanne! We have been waiting for the sneak peek because she has been busy with school starting up and everything. Today, she posted some on facebook!!! I was soo excited!!

Here are our beautiful pictures:

And this is one of my favorites!! The bridge is closed and we had to ask a man if he wouldn’t mind us hoping over to get some shots even though we weren’t supposed to. He let us and it was so worth it!!!! Amazing!!

I love them! And I cannot wait to see the rest!!

What do you think????

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