End of Summer Party

3 Sep

This summer ended up being super busy and we weren’t able to hang out with our usual group of friends very often. Now that the summer is ending and school is starting and everyone is starting to get busier again, I decided that it would be nice to get everyone together during the holiday weekend to celebrate the end of summer. It was such a blast! I am so glad we were able to all get together.

Renee, Hillary, Sam, and I

glow chalk.

my brother's awesome gf, me, and my cousin

my little brother and I

love shack!

fire pit.

apples to apples.

group shot

crazy group shot.

We dressed up, used glow chalk, had some drinks, sat around the fire, had s’mores and snacks, hung out in our love shack, played apples to apples, had a little dance party, and took some group pictures. I think it was one of the best nights we’ve had!

I love all of these people. They are most of my favorite people (a few are missing due to living far away…) and it was amazing to be all together and have so much fun. ❤


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