2nd week of School

6 Sep

So today was the first day of our 2nd week of school. I got some things done over the long weekend, probably not as much as I could, but a decent amount. I planned for most of the week and felt pretty good going in to today. The beginning of the day went pretty well.

We have everyday math and we worked on 1.2 today, which is about arrays. The kids did pretty well. I know they have been introduced to them before.

Then we have reading and writing. We use Reading Street, which is a brand new program to our 5th grade. The program has so much stuff and we do not have enough time. I did day 1 for week 1, unit 1 today. I felt frazzled because I was trying to fit so much in to not enough time. And I also feel like it kind of randomly goes from one topic to another. I skipped quite a few aspects and barely made it to the end, without completely finishing. I don’t know how to fit it all in. I guess we’ll just go with the flow for now and see how it goes.

In the afternoon, we have science. I wanted to use the projector to play a brain pop and an intro powerpoint for the scientific method. Of course, the projector didn’t work. Luckily, I had an extra sheet that the kids could work on and another paper that could introduce the scientific method. It was frustrating though. And the tech guy came and checked it out. The bulb is blown. Which takes “a while” to fix….whatever that means.

And to top that off, I still have yet to get paid. I didn’t get the first paycheck that the teachers get, the Friday before we start. I asked about it and was told I shouldn’t get that one. So I assumed I would get paid this past Friday when they got paid again. I didn’t have it in my account on Friday but we didn’t have school and I just assumed that my direct deposit wasn’t working or something. I get to school today, still no paycheck. I asked again. Something got messed up….someone dropped the ball. Hopefully I’ll be getting a 5 day paycheck on Thursday and a regular paycheck in 2 weeks. We will see.

Other than that…today went pretty well. Hopefully the rest of the week will go better.


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