9 Sep

I am so glad it is Friday. We haven’t even had a full week of school yet and I am so exhausted. Like fighting to stay awake at 7:00 at night exhausted.

Yesterday was a good day at school. I got a new projector. Yay!! Then I found out that some kids in 5th grade were switching around due to not enough assistant coverage for special ed. So I was losing my 2 special ed students and getting a new girl from one of the other classes. Kind of crazy after 2 weeks of school but understandable because I didn’t have any support in my room for them other than me. So they switched as of today. The new girl in my room is really sweet and quiet. I’m sure it will be great once she gets used to our room.

After school yesterday, I met with some of my girlfriends for our weekly drink date at a local Mexican restaurant. It was fabulous and much needed. Yummy drink and yummy nachos and wonderful friends. One of my friends was talking about whoopie pies….so, when I got home, Dan and I decided to go to the store to pick up a whoopie pie and some sweet treats. It was delicious.

Oh, and I got paid today! Woohoo! Not a full paycheck but at least it is something to get by until next week when I should get a regular paycheck.

Now we’re off to NY for the weekend to visit the in-laws. Have a happy weekend!


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