18 Sep

Yesterday was a very busy day around here. We woke up super early (around 5am) so we could help my Mom with her 5k for her nonprofit, mybreastcancersupport.org. It is a nonprofit that supports local breast cancer programs. My mom is amazing.

It was about 40 degrees…pretty chilly for mid September. It is always worth it though to help out my mommy. ❤

We headed to the elementary school where everything was taking place. Then we headed out to set up the water table, which is where we were going to be stationed during the race, along with my little brother. We got about 140 cups set up ahead of time, which was pretty good.

Then I had to start refilling them because we were running out but luckily it was slowing down. Then we just had a watery, empty table left. And a street filled with crushed paper cups.

It was a ton of fun and I love helping out with all of the fundraisers.

After that, we grabbed lunch at Red Hook Brewery, which was delicious. I got a buffalo chicken pita. Yummm.

After lunch, we headed to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a registry completion event. We were able to get anything from our registry that we didn’t get for the wedding for 20% off. I think we went a little crazy but it is all stuff that we will definitely use.

Then I started feeling sick, with the beginning of a cold, and we headed home to relax. Now I have been feeling sick since then and it sucks. Hopefully I will feel better by the morning.

Hope everyone else had a wonderfully productive weekend.


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