Heroes of Hope

29 Sep

Last night we went to the Heroes of Hope Breast Cancer Calendar launch party. My beautiful mom is a part of this calendar because it is all breast cancer survivors. The calendar benefits BreastCancerStories.org, my mom’s organization. The calendar is really nice and includes pictures and stories. They are starting to sell them and decided to have a launch party. Dan and I went, along with my brother Ryan and his girlfriend Sam.

Yummy TaTa-Tini.

The gift for each calendar model (shirt from my mom’s organization)

There were a lot of pink beads, music (by the DJ from our wedding!) and appetizers. They made some announcements and had some pink desserts out. Then there was some dancing, which I always love to do. It was a great way to support my mom and I love going to everything she is a part of.

Ryan & Sam playing cat’s cradle with the pink beads

My Mom speaking. ❤

Yummy pink dessert.

Mom’s gorgeous calendar picture.

The party was in a conference room at the Roundabout Diner so after the announcements and some dancing, we headed over to the restaurant part to grab some food because we were all starving. Overall, it was a fantastic night after a super long day at work.


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