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new makeup

28 Jan

I’ve never been much of a makeup person. I wear it but the minimal amount….a little concealor for under my eyes, some eyeshadow, and some mascara. I feel like I’ve never really known how to do my makeup well. I’ve played around with different things, like eye liner and smokey eyes, but it never came out right. But I’ve always wanted to do more.

A few months ago, I got a groupon {which I love by the way} for e.l.f. cosmetics {}. It was like $10 for $35 worth of mineral makeup. I thought it was worth it so I bought the groupon. It was about the expire, so last weekend I searched the site for what I could get. They have a ton of stuff. And a bunch of stuff is only $1 or $2. The groupon was only for the mineral makeup so I got my $35 worth, plus a bunch of other stuff. I think I ended up spending about $20 extra dollars…and the shipping was free!

So I came home on Thursday to a big box full of new makeup!image

I pulled it all out to remember what I had gotten. I’m looking forward to playing around with it all and seeing what I can come up withimage

I painted my nails that night to at least try something. I love the nail polish. It was $2 a bottle and it is amazing. I did one coat and it was great. It dried pretty fast and I love the color!image

Now it is just finding a place to keep all of it…I found this on pinterest and I am in love. I think I could make something like this and it would be perfect…we’ll see when I can get around to it.

Happy Saturday!

friday five {what i’m loving this week}

27 Jan

This week was super busy. I thought I would have a ton more time on my hands now that I am back to being a teacher assistant. That doesn’t seem to be the case however. I have been tutoring for an hour after school Monday – Thursday. And I have been going to the gym. Also, I feel like I’m so tired when I get home that I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing but watch TV. So I feel like my free time has been a little hard to come by.

I have some projects that I still want to post about and I have some projects I’m planning on doing that I will definitely want to post about. So hopefully I can find some more time in my life to do that.

I still wanted to make sure I posted my Friday Five. So here goes….

1. SALES! Who doesn’t love sales??

I work at Old Navy part time, which at the moment means once every 2 or 3 months. So I worked last weekend for 4 hours. And, of course, I found things that I wanted to buy. They were having extra 50% off clearance (which I love) and I ended up getting 6 things for $21!! Then we went to Gap Outlet and I spent $23 on 4 pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes! And to top it off, I got a $30 scarf at Banana Republic for $6! So, all in all, I spent about $50 and got about $300 worth of stuff! It was a wonderful day!

2. Valentine’s Day crafts.

I love doing holiday type crafts. I made a wreath back around Halloween and I definitely want to try one for Valentine’s Day. A girl I know, who has the blog Pretty Things & Potty Mouths made this beautiful wreath with a tutorial{found here}. I bought some supplies the other day at Michael’s and will definitely be trying one soon and definitely posting about it.

3. Keeping track of birthdays.

I am usually pretty good about keeping track of birthdays. Sometimes though, when my life gets crazy, birthdays just get pushed right out of my mind. I found this amazing birthday calendar on Pinterest {found here}. I think this is perfect. I would love one and it would make a great gift!

4. Amazing cards.

I usually have a hard time putting into words how I feel. I am just not good at it like I wish I was. So, I love cards. And there are some amazing ones out there {found here}. And a lot of times I think the most perfect ones are the most simple ones. I think I could make some cards like this…might have to give it a try.

5. Unique coffee tables.

Our coffee table is just a regular coffee table that a bunch of stuff gets piled on top of. I love coffee tables that are unique and different. This one is amazing {found here}. And I wouldn’t pile stuff on top of it because I would want to see into it. Imagine the things you could put in here…it could be anything!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

friday five {what i’m loving this week}

20 Jan

So I found a ton of things I love this week. It is hard to just choose 5.


Umm….funfetti whoopie pies?? Need I say more?? {found here}

I absolutely love whoopie pies and funfetti has always been my favorite cake flavor. It was even our cake flavor at our wedding. I NEED to try these.


I find so many wonderful quotes and sayings on Pinterest. I found this and fell in love. I definitely want to paint this or write this on something and frame it. Amazing. {found here}

We only have a small 1 bedroom apartment right now but I cannot wait until we have a house where we can have parties and entertain friends. I have a feeling we will be throwing lots of parties. I found this mini food from Pinterest and love it. How fun would it be to serve mini burgers and shake at a party?? {found here}

Along the line of having a house…I love the idea of having some chalkboard paint in certain parts of the house, especially the kids’ rooms. However, I saw this picture of an entry way with chalkboard paint on the walls. I think it is great. An easy way to leave notes or reminders for people about what is going on. I actually love most things about this house but I just really love the chalkboard walls. {found here}

And this is the house that I would love to put those chalkboard walls in. Absolutely my dream home. Gorgeous, right? Maybe some day…… {found here}

Happy Friday everyone! ❤

wreath made out of ties

16 Jan

So, since I didn’t really accomplish anything today, I figure I will share a craft I did for a Christmas present.

A few years ago, I got a bunch of my Grandfather’s old ties. I thought I could maybe wear them as belts or something like that. I think I did for a few days but since then they have been sitting in the closet.

My grandmother made all of these ties for him way back in the day. I think they are fantastic, especially the material choice.

So, I found a wreath online that was made of our ties. I thought it would be the perfect solution of what to do with these ties.

For Christmas,  I decided to make a wreath for my grandparents. I love how it turned out and it was super easy to put together. I got a foam wreath form at Joann’s. I covered it in plain teal fabric I had laying around. Then I cut the thick ends of the ties off and hot glued them to the wreath.

They loved it and knew pretty much right away what it was made from. I love seeing their faces when they open and love something I have created.

crafty day {not so much}

16 Jan

So I had today off because of MLK, Jr. day. I was really looking forward to having the extra day off and I didn’t really have anything to do. I was planning on spending the day being crafty. I’m still thinking about opening an Etsy shop so I figured I would try and make some things that I could actually sell if I open one.

However, so far, the day hasn’t really ended up like that. Things just aren’t working out. I was planning on making some magnets like I made for Christmas presents and some tacks for bulletin boards but I can’t find the clear stones I was using. I can’t find them anywhere. I have absolutely no idea what happened to them. So I punched out some little circles to make them for when I find the stones or just buy more. That really frustrated me…which kind of made me not in the mood.

I was trying to find something else to do and I just wasn’t really feeling anything else. I did a few little things but they aren’t really anything helpful. So I decided to do some things on my computer. I wanted to make some banner type things that I could print out and then my printer was not printing well. I really need a new printer. This one just messes up the colors all time now. So that was just another frustration.

So now I am not really in the mood for being crafty. I guess I tried….and I will just have to keep on being crafty when I have time.

Thanks for listening, or reading, whoever is reading this.

friday five {what i’m loving this week}

13 Jan

So I find so many things I love each week, via Pinterest or other blogs and websites. I thought I would start sharing 5 of my favorite things from each week. Friday seemed like a fitting day to do this post because it ends the week. So, from now on, I will be posting 5 of my favorite things every week on Friday.

My hair is getting a little longer and I have been thinking that I should probably start trying to do different things with it. I tend to just leave it down or throw it up in a ponytail because whenever I do attempt something cute, it doesn’t usually work out. I need to start practicing and I’m sure I can get some things to work. I came across this adorable hair do that I absolutely love {found here}. And I’m pretty sure I could pull it off….I just need to find a super cute head band like this one.

I am not pregnant and we are not planning on getting pregnant for a little while but I came across this pregnancy announcement {found here} on Pinterest and I think it is so cute! The other pictures are really cute too, I just really love the bump ahead sign. So smart.

I also found this next idea on Pinterest. I absolutely cannot wait to try this. It is genius and I wish I had thought of it. Making your own stamps with erasers?? So simple and so cheap. And you could make basically anything at all. I’m buying erasers next time I’m at the store. {found here}

I don’t have a bookshelf I need to makeover right now but I know someday I will. And I think this idea is brilliant. Using foam board in the back of the bookshelf instead of painting the actual bookshelf {found here}. It would make it so much easier to see if you really like it and to change when you feel like it. My mom has bookshelves that she is going to be painting soon and I shared this idea with her. We’ll see if she uses it….

This is a super cute gift idea. Making little hearts and hiding them around for the person to find {found here}. So sweet. And really, you could do any kind of shape depending on the holiday or event that is going on. I might just have to do this for someone….

I have to get crackin’ on all these DIY ideas I want to do. And practicing with my hair. Good thing I have some time coming up.

a calendar for our life

10 Jan

So, as I have mentioned before, I absolutely love pinterest. I find so many amazing ideas and I want to try them all! I know eventually I will get to them all but it will definitely take some time.

I found this calendar pin a few weeks ago. I knew immediately that I wanted to start this in January.

So I got it all together so we could start it right away.I decided to use a photo box so maybe we could add some pictures in or add more cards once these get filled.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was what I wanted to use for the dividers. Then, this past weekend, I was going through and organizing a lot of things around the apartment. I found a small photo calendar for 2011 that I never used. So I cut the calendar part off and cut the picture so it would fit in the box and they work perfectly!

I am in love with this idea. I know in a few years it will be awesome to look back at what we did on each day during each year before. I also think it would be a cool thing to put together as a gift.

Now I just have to make sure we write in it every day…..

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