christmas number two {plus rockettes}

4 Jan

So the second Christmas celebration was at my mom’s cousin. Dan didn’t come with me because he had to work but everyone else was there. All the kids were there, which hasn’t happened in a few years so it was really nice to have us all together.

We all hung out for a bit and had a big brunch. The food was delicious. Then we opened some presents and had our dollar store yankee swap, which has become a tradition.

We also had some group photos since we were actually all together, which was fun.

all the kids

Then, my mom, my grandmother, my cousin and I headed off to Boston. We picked up our friend along the way so we could go see the Rockettes!! It was so much fun!! We walked around for a little while then went to Cheers to get some food before the show.

After eating, we headed off to the beautiful Wang theater in the freeeezing cold weather. The show was amazing and very Christmasy.

ceiling of the Wang theater


After the show, we headed back out into the cold to go back to the car. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful way to spend a day during Christmas time.

it was a tad chilly…


2 Responses to “christmas number two {plus rockettes}”

  1. Hannah R January 5, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    Lovvvved all these photos… could really feel the joy and fun in all of them. Being with family is so heart-warming 🙂

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