friday five {what i’m loving this week}

13 Jan

So I find so many things I love each week, via Pinterest or other blogs and websites. I thought I would start sharing 5 of my favorite things from each week. Friday seemed like a fitting day to do this post because it ends the week. So, from now on, I will be posting 5 of my favorite things every week on Friday.

My hair is getting a little longer and I have been thinking that I should probably start trying to do different things with it. I tend to just leave it down or throw it up in a ponytail because whenever I do attempt something cute, it doesn’t usually work out. I need to start practicing and I’m sure I can get some things to work. I came across this adorable hair do that I absolutely love {found here}. And I’m pretty sure I could pull it off….I just need to find a super cute head band like this one.

I am not pregnant and we are not planning on getting pregnant for a little while but I came across this pregnancy announcement {found here} on Pinterest and I think it is so cute! The other pictures are really cute too, I just really love the bump ahead sign. So smart.

I also found this next idea on Pinterest. I absolutely cannot wait to try this. It is genius and I wish I had thought of it. Making your own stamps with erasers?? So simple and so cheap. And you could make basically anything at all. I’m buying erasers next time I’m at the store. {found here}

I don’t have a bookshelf I need to makeover right now but I know someday I will. And I think this idea is brilliant. Using foam board in the back of the bookshelf instead of painting the actual bookshelf {found here}. It would make it so much easier to see if you really like it and to change when you feel like it. My mom has bookshelves that she is going to be painting soon and I shared this idea with her. We’ll see if she uses it….

This is a super cute gift idea. Making little hearts and hiding them around for the person to find {found here}. So sweet. And really, you could do any kind of shape depending on the holiday or event that is going on. I might just have to do this for someone….

I have to get crackin’ on all these DIY ideas I want to do. And practicing with my hair. Good thing I have some time coming up.


One Response to “friday five {what i’m loving this week}”

  1. Hannah R January 14, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    Beautiful findings!! I had re-pinned the baby bump too because it is so clever! And that hairstyle is just FAB. Hope you can have some fun getting creative with your lovely hair!

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