friday five {what i’m loving this week}

20 Jan

So I found a ton of things I love this week. It is hard to just choose 5.


Umm….funfetti whoopie pies?? Need I say more?? {found here}

I absolutely love whoopie pies and funfetti has always been my favorite cake flavor. It was even our cake flavor at our wedding. I NEED to try these.


I find so many wonderful quotes and sayings on Pinterest. I found this and fell in love. I definitely want to paint this or write this on something and frame it. Amazing. {found here}

We only have a small 1 bedroom apartment right now but I cannot wait until we have a house where we can have parties and entertain friends. I have a feeling we will be throwing lots of parties. I found this mini food from Pinterest and love it. How fun would it be to serve mini burgers and shake at a party?? {found here}

Along the line of having a house…I love the idea of having some chalkboard paint in certain parts of the house, especially the kids’ rooms. However, I saw this picture of an entry way with chalkboard paint on the walls. I think it is great. An easy way to leave notes or reminders for people about what is going on. I actually love most things about this house but I just really love the chalkboard walls. {found here}

And this is the house that I would love to put those chalkboard walls in. Absolutely my dream home. Gorgeous, right? Maybe some day…… {found here}

Happy Friday everyone! ❤


thanks for stopping by to leave me some love. <3

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