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photo challenge {day 29 – something you’re listening to}

29 Feb

I have been listening to my brother’s songs a lot recently.

photo challenge {day 28 – money}

29 Feb

All the change in my wallet…I should probably clean it out…

building brooklyn {project 365}

28 Feb

My super talented little brother is doing a year long project in which he writes and records a song every day for 365 days. So far it has been amazing. I don’t know how he comes up with all of these amazing songs, especially every single day.


I thought I would share the project on here so all you lovely people can have a listen. {just click on the picture}

What do you think???

photo challenge {day 27 – something you ate}

28 Feb

I’m on vacation this week and we need to go grocery shopping so I had soup for lunch.

my week in photos

27 Feb

So I tend to take a few photos throughout the week with my cell phone as I do things. I thought I would share some on here…all those random single photos that don’t really fit anywhere else.

my beautiful grandparents.

chutes and ladders

one more song {for DeDe}

26 Feb

This is a song that my brother Ryan wrote for my grandmother.

One More Song

It is an amazing song and I wanted to share it with the world.

My grandmother, who we call DeDe, is fighting cancer and is not doing well.

We love you DeDe. ❤

photo challenge {day 26 – night}

26 Feb

the moon and a little sunset

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