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31 May

memorial day weekend {sunday}

31 May
On Sunday Dan and I went over to my mom’s house. Dan went to help my step dad install speakers in their amazing new boat. I just kind of hung out and took some pictures around my mom’s house. She has beautiful gardens with all kinds of flowers. I love pictures of flowers. Here is a taste of the pictures I took.

They live right on the Piscataqua River and there is a little beach across the street  from their house where I love to sit and relax.

Once the speakers were ready, we decided to take a little ride on the boat. It was gorgeous.

This is my mom’s cute dog Bailey. Love her.

memorial day weekend {saturday}

30 May
On Saturday, Dan and  I decided to do some hiking. He was planning on going on a huge hike but his knee was bothering him so he decided not to go. So we went on a smaller hike that is only about 45 minutes away. It was kind of hot out but it was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun and saw some beautiful views.

There was a huge pond that had a big beaver dam.

We also came across a boulder field. It was kind of crazy how many enormous boulders there were in one area.

It was a great afternoon spent with the hubby.

wedding pictures {first look and portraits}

30 May
…some more wedding pictures…
We got married at a park called Great Island Common which is right on the ocean. It is gorgeous and one of my most favorite places. We were going to do our first look and pictures at other places, but it ended up not working out. Our pictures ended up being perfect though so in the end, it all worked out just as it should have.
We decided to do a first look for a couple of reasons. I wanted to be able to spend that time together before the wedding, just some special moments. Also, the way the wedding was set up, if we did pictures in between, all of the guests would’ve been standing around watching. So it just made sense.

We did our pictures in a few different places around the park. Basically just wandering around and saying..”this would be a great spot” and snapping some shots.

It was wonderful just having some time alone with Dan before we did group pictures and before all of the guests started arriving.

couch to 5k {four weeks down, five to go}

29 May
I finished the fourth week of the couch to 5k program on Sunday. This week was a little harder, which I know is the point, but I think I did ok. My shins didn’t really hurt as much. I’ve been trying to stretch them out more on a regular basis and it seems to be helping.
This week was a 5 minute warm up walk, 3 minutes of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, 2.5 minutes of walking, 3 minutes of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, and a 5 minute cool down walk.
This week coming up is when it starts to change every day. I’m a little worried about it because it goes from 5 minutes to 8 minutes to 20 minutes. I feel like that is a big jump but I guess we will see how it goes.

1 year anniversary {coming up quick}

29 May
Our 1 year anniversary is one week from yesterday. Holy Cow. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it has already been a year since our wonderful wedding. I have been getting a little sentimental with our anniversary coming up….so…since I haven’t posted anything about our wedding, I thought I would do some wedding posts leading up to our anniversary.
I got my hair and make up done at a salon, then I got dressed and ready at my mom’s house with 2 of my girls and my mom.

I felt a little rushed getting ready but I made myself stay calm and enjoy the moments.

memorial day weekend {friday}

28 May
This long holiday weekend is packed with activities so I thought I would post about each day separately.
On Friday night, the girls and I went to a bar in downtown Portsmouth to see the Men in Motion – some naked dancing boys. Renee searched it out so it was kind of like bachelorette party number 2. We were in the VIP section so we got to sit on comfy couches right up where the action was.

It was hilarious and really dirty. Renee got a chance to sit in the hot seat, where she was included in the dancing. Lucky her.

After the show, we did some dancing. It was a fabulous night out with the girls.

The only bad thing was that I lost my phone at the bar. I feel a little lost without it. But hopefully we can get a new one through insurance really soon.
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