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photo friday

30 Nov

my hubby and i with our super cute niece


pretty morning

cold but beautiful day

cold but beautiful day

it was snowing on our way home

it was snowing on our way home

making dede's cookies for our family day

making dede’s cookies for our family day

from where we stand watching the parade

from where we stand watching the parade



decorating my grandfather's {fake} christmas tree

decorating my grandfather’s {fake} christmas tree

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

I don’t know about you guys but I am so so so happy that it is Friday. And I’m also so so so happy that we don’t really have many plans this weekend. I’m hoping I can rest my voice so that, come Monday, talking at school won’t be so hard. And we’re getting our christmas tree on Sunday which I am also so excited about!! Yay!

Happy weekend!!


wonderful words

29 Nov

I have been slacking, because I am sick. Again. Ughhhhh.

There are tons of things I want to post about but I have been so exhausted. I have been suffering through work and barely have a voice, which makes teaching really hard. I’ve been coming home and basically just sleeping and lying on the couch doing nothing all night until I go to bed early.

I didn’t do my wonderful words post yesterday, so I am doing it now.

The other posts will come soon. I’m so glad we don’t have many plans this weekend because it will give me lots of time to rest and catch up.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

photo friday

23 Nov








Hope everyone had a great holiday!

happy thanksgiving

22 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving and I thought I would take this opportunity to share what I am thankful for this year.

I am thankful for

my amazing, crazy family

my wonderful husband

my fabulous in-laws who are making a delicious meal today

my super cute little niece abby and the time we get to spend together this holiday

my incredible friends who are always there

all of the delicious food I’m going to eat today

the beautiful sunshine today

everyone being healthy

this holiday season is going to be really hard without my grandmother, but I am very thankful for all of the wonderful memories I have with her and all of the traditions we have as a family that I know we will continue in her honor

Over all, I am thankful for having love all around. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and eats lot of delicious food and spends time with family or friends or whoever makes you happy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Love, Brittany

wonderful words

21 Nov

I thought I would do my wonderful words this week with wonderful words about being thankful and grateful since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Enjoy! 









I am thankful for Pinterest where I found all of these amazing words! 


30 day shred {…i’m not really sure how many days…}

20 Nov

So, my 30 Day Shred experience is completely messed up.

I have about 6 days left still. I got sick and didn’t work out for 2 days. I went to Orlando for the weekend for my chorus’ international competition so I didn’t work out. Yesterday I was so exhausted and today we’re leaving for NY for Thanksgiving. So I still have about 6 days left.

I was going to measure myself before I left for Orlando but never got around to it. So….I kind of messed myself up. I’m going to try and workout a little in NY but I won’t be doing the DVD. I’m planning on finishing the 30 Day Shred next week when life gets back to normal but I know it won’t be the same.

Oh well. It is what it is and, at this point, there isn’t really much I can do about it. So we will see how it goes next week.

Dan and I are leaving tonight for NY. We will be there until Saturday because we are spending Thanksgiving with Dan’s family this year. I plan on doing a lot of relaxing and reading and spending time with our 3 year old niece Abby and maybe a little school work that I really need to do also.

I still plan on posting a little but I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and eats lots of delicious food!

wonderful words

18 Nov

{I just realized that this post never got published on Wednesday when it was supposed to be. I’m not really sure why. But here it is now. Enjoy}

I am leaving tomorrow night for Florida for my chorus international competition in Orlando. I thought I would do my wonderful words  with travel quotes this week.

Happy Wednesday!

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