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new year’s eve

28 Jan

This year we had a quiet night for New Year’s Eve. We had gone out 2 nights in a row the 2 nights  before New Year’s. We hung out at my mom’s house with my step-brother and his girlfriend and a couple of friends. We had some drinks, played some games, watched some stupid NYE TV, and took some crazy pictures {which just got crazier and crazier}.


We always have a ton of fun together. It was nice to just hang out by the wood stove and not have to worry about any crazy NYE plans.


In these pictures we were trying to pose like Fergie was for her entire hosting job. Did anyone else notice that? Our poses didn’t work out quite as well…


2012 was not a great year for me and I was looking forward to it being over. I was ready to welcome a new year with some new hope and new goals to look forward too. And I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in midnight with anyone else but my amazing hubby.


Did anyone do anything super fun for New Year’s or did you also have a kind of quiet night at home?



fall fun {columbus day weekend}

16 Oct

Columbus Day weekend was last weekend. We had a long weekend and it was crazy busy. We, of course, filled pretty much every minute of the weekend up because that is just what we do.

Friday night we relaxed because we knew we had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday morning started out bright and early with us heading to Dover for Dan to run a 5k. After the 5k, we walked around the Apple Harvest Festival, which was crazy packed, even at 10am.

From there, we headed home so Dan could shower. Then we went right back out to meet up with some friends at the Portsmouth BrewFest. A bunch of breweries all come together so people can taste all of their beers. There were so many breweries and beers and people. It was crazy. I’m not really a beer drinker at all but I did try a few and ended up liking at least 1. It ended up being really warm but it was a blast hanging out with some faves.

After the BrewFest, Dan and I left so we could drive right to New York for a wedding on Sunday. When we got to the hotel, we hung out with the bride and groom and a few of their friends before we needed to go to bed because we were exhausted.

The wedding wasn’t until the afternoon on Sunday, so we decided to use our time in Plattsburgh and go to Ausable Chasm. It is this really cool place with about 5 miles of trails. Some go right along the chasm, which is what we mostly walked. I loved being right there on the small stone pathways and hearing the water rushing by.

There was also a trail that went down to a dry chasm. There was beautiful foliage throughout the trail.

At the end of all the trails, there was a big bridge that gave a fantastic view of the waterfall.

After Ausable Chasm, we went back to the hotel room to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was for one of our friends from college. They live in North Carolina and we barely ever get to see them so it was really great to be able to celebrate with them on their wedding day.

The ceremony was in a beautiful ivy covered chapel. It was gorgeous inside and out. The reception was at a hall down the road and there was delicious food and good music.

After the 2 busy days we had already had, we were exhausted. We took our time getting ready Monday morning then headed out of NY to come home. The sky was amazing when we took the ferry from NY to VT. I had to take some pictures.

We were going to do a little hiking on our way home but it just didn’t work out how we thought. We did do some leaf peeping though. The foliage was gorgeous.

We found this really amazing little area with a curvy road and tons of yellowy trees. So beautiful. There were tons of people there but I managed to take some good pictures.

Driving down the road a little further, we got a view of some mountains. And there was snow on them. SNOW. I am not ready for that.

All in all, it was a really great weekend full of a ton of fun, crazy, and amazing activities. And we were exhausted when we got home. I went to bed early Monday and Tuesday night. But it was worth it.


30 by 30 {run the bcs 5k}

15 Sep


Today was the day. Today was the 5k that I have been training so hard for. In May I could barely run 3 minutes. Today I ran the entire 5k without stopping in a little under 30 minutes! I was so proud of myself.
We put together a team to run in honor of my grandmother, DeDe, who passed away in February from breast cancer. So we made Team DeDe. There were 8 fabulous people running for the team.

The whole team finished in 40 minutes or under! I am so proud of everyone because everyone has been working so hard. We killed it!

We were all sweaty when we were done but so excited for each other in accomplishing everything we did.

There is a big pink fire truck that comes to certain events. You can sign the truck in remembrance of people or in celebration or for whatever reason you want. DeDe signed the truck last year, right on the gas cap door, and we all signed around it.

I’m so glad everyone was able to make it to run with the team. It meant a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to my mom to have us all there.

It was supposed to rain this morning and there was a big line of rain coming right towards us. Right before the race started, the line broke right in the middle, right where we were. I know it was DeDe giving us some good weather for the race. It ended up being a beautiful day.

I love all of these people and I’m so glad that we were all able to run the race for such a good cause. It is an amazing feeling to accomplish so much and do it with my favorite people.
I miss DeDe every day and I am proud to do something like this in her honor. I know she is proud of me.



summer fun {canobie lake park}

31 Aug


A whole group of us were trying to do all kinds of things this summer. We didn’t really do as much as we wanted. However, we finally found a night when most of us could make it to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH. It is a small amusement park that is about 45 minutes away. We went on all the best rides and it was a ton of fun.
The first ride we went on was the carousel. Obviously.

I love the way the ferris wheel looks during the day and all lit up at night.

Here is a collage of a bunch of other wonderful rides we went on.

We had lots of fun and I’m so glad we found a night we could go.


hiking {mt. major}

14 Aug


A few weeks ago Dan and I went hiking with our good friends Chrystal and Jason. Dan was going to go hiking in the morning and we were going to hang out with them later in the day but we decided to all go hiking together instead.
We met up at the mountain and got ready to hike up Mt. Major. It turned out to be a beautiful day for hiking.

I was a little worried about hiking because the last time we went I had a little bit of a hard time. I actually felt really good hiking and I think it was because how much I had been running. It made me feel great.
When we got to the top, there was a beautiful view with fantastic puffy white clouds. I think the view at the top makes the whole hike worth it. Otherwise, what is the point??

We took some group pictures at the top. It was really fun hiking with Chrystal and Jason. We have all been working out and trying to lose weight so it was nice doing something so athletic all together.

After the hike, we changed into some less sweaty clothes and grabbed some food. After lunch, we went mini golfing and we had a blast.

It was a fantastic, beautiful, summer day spent with wonderful friends.


summer fun {fireworks on the boat}

1 Aug


I absolutely love fireworks. I could watch them every single day of the year. Unfortunately, there are only so many times a year that there are fireworks to watch. On the 4th of July, I try my best to see the fireworks every year. The past few years we have been going out on my mom and step-dad’s boat to watch them from the river. I think this makes the experience just that much better.
This year, we got a bunch of people to go and it was fabulous. We watched the fireworks over a beautiful view of downtown Portsmouth. It made for some beautiful pictures.

There are a few people missing from our group but I love these people and it was great all going out on the boat together.

All in all, it ended up being a fun 4th of July. And hopefully there are many more fireworks to come.


summer fun {mccoole bash 2012}

27 Jul


Every year my mom and step-dad have a huge party at their house called the McCoole Bash. This year was no exception. They chose the date of the party this year to coincide with the Blue Angels Air Show happening at Pease in Portsmouth. Everyone was around for the party and it was a ton of fun.
All the “kids” went down to the dock to chill on the boat for the air show. There were a ton of people watching the show from the street in front of my mom’s house.

The air show was fabulous. It was even better that we could watch it from my mom’s. We couldn’t see any of the low on the ground things but they flew pretty much right over the house a few times and it was awesome. Dan used our telescopic lens and got some great pictures.

My brother Ryan was very excited about the air show.

After the air show, we ate some yummy food and hung out listening to some wonderful guitar music by my brother.

There was an absolutely gorgeous sunset, so of course I had to snap some shots. I think I’m a tad bit obsessed with sunsets.

We ended the night with some fireworks down on the dock. It was a good ending to a great day! Can’t wait until next year!



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