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hurricane sandy {checking out the storm}

30 Oct

I had yesterday off. School was closed because of Hurricane Sandy. And Dan left work early because of the storm. So of course, what would we decide to do? Go out in the storm of course.

We decided to head down to the beach to check out the waves and the wind. The wind was so so so strong. I don’t think I have ever been in wind that strong. I think at one point I was actually leaning into the wind and still standing.

We weren’t the only crazy ones to brave the storm….

We were ready for the weather. At least I was with my huge yellow rainboots.

We left Hampton Beach and went down the street a little to the beach we usually go to. We couldn’t even make it down the steps because of all of the sea foam and how high the water was.

And the wind was blowing so hard we were getting attacked by sea foam blowing all over the place.

The storm wasn’t really that bad here. Just some rain and a lot of wind. We didn’t lose power but I know there are a lot of people who did. I hope everyone is staying safe and gets their power back soon.

Does anyone else go out in the storm to check out the beach or the area?



fall fun {columbus day weekend}

16 Oct

Columbus Day weekend was last weekend. We had a long weekend and it was crazy busy. We, of course, filled pretty much every minute of the weekend up because that is just what we do.

Friday night we relaxed because we knew we had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday morning started out bright and early with us heading to Dover for Dan to run a 5k. After the 5k, we walked around the Apple Harvest Festival, which was crazy packed, even at 10am.

From there, we headed home so Dan could shower. Then we went right back out to meet up with some friends at the Portsmouth BrewFest. A bunch of breweries all come together so people can taste all of their beers. There were so many breweries and beers and people. It was crazy. I’m not really a beer drinker at all but I did try a few and ended up liking at least 1. It ended up being really warm but it was a blast hanging out with some faves.

After the BrewFest, Dan and I left so we could drive right to New York for a wedding on Sunday. When we got to the hotel, we hung out with the bride and groom and a few of their friends before we needed to go to bed because we were exhausted.

The wedding wasn’t until the afternoon on Sunday, so we decided to use our time in Plattsburgh and go to Ausable Chasm. It is this really cool place with about 5 miles of trails. Some go right along the chasm, which is what we mostly walked. I loved being right there on the small stone pathways and hearing the water rushing by.

There was also a trail that went down to a dry chasm. There was beautiful foliage throughout the trail.

At the end of all the trails, there was a big bridge that gave a fantastic view of the waterfall.

After Ausable Chasm, we went back to the hotel room to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was for one of our friends from college. They live in North Carolina and we barely ever get to see them so it was really great to be able to celebrate with them on their wedding day.

The ceremony was in a beautiful ivy covered chapel. It was gorgeous inside and out. The reception was at a hall down the road and there was delicious food and good music.

After the 2 busy days we had already had, we were exhausted. We took our time getting ready Monday morning then headed out of NY to come home. The sky was amazing when we took the ferry from NY to VT. I had to take some pictures.

We were going to do a little hiking on our way home but it just didn’t work out how we thought. We did do some leaf peeping though. The foliage was gorgeous.

We found this really amazing little area with a curvy road and tons of yellowy trees. So beautiful. There were tons of people there but I managed to take some good pictures.

Driving down the road a little further, we got a view of some mountains. And there was snow on them. SNOW. I am not ready for that.

All in all, it was a really great weekend full of a ton of fun, crazy, and amazing activities. And we were exhausted when we got home. I went to bed early Monday and Tuesday night. But it was worth it.


sunrise {at the beach}

20 Sep


You know those days when it is the only morning of the whole week where you can actually sleep in…and your stupid body wakes you up early anyway? Well, Sunday was one of those days for Dan and I. We both got up and he suggested we go down to the beach quick and watch the sunrise. It was perfect timing. And the sunrise was beautiful.

I guess sometimes it is worth it to get up early on the only day you would be able to sleep in. The world is pretty amazing sometimes.


summer fun {marginal way date}

25 Aug


Dan and I got a gift certificate for a restaurant in Ogunquit a couple years ago from my mom. We knew we wanted to use it when it was warm enough to walk around the area. But then we never got a chance to go. So, a couple weeks ago, I decided we needed a date night and we were going to use our gift certificate.
It happened to be super busy on the night that we went so we had to park kind of far away and walk to the restaurant. The restaurant was kind of fancy but it was a cute little restaurant. We enjoyed our meal and were really full.
After we ate, we went for a walk on Marginal Way, which is a walkway that runs along the ocean.

It was a little cloudy and we were afraid it might start raining, but it ended up being a really nice walk.

I love doing things like this with Dan. I love just spending time with him, strolling along the ocean. It is one of my favorite things to do with him.
P.S. I know I just posted a ton of things. I’m trying to catch up on my summer posts before schools starts this week. Hopefully I can catch up to my life.


summer fun {fuller gardens date}

17 Aug
One Sunday, I came home from work at Old Navy and decided that Dan and I should go on a date. We knew of a place about 10 minutes away that is right by the ocean and has beautiful flowers called Fuller Gardens in North Hampton. So we decided to go. It was gorgeous.
They have a few different areas and they are all beautiful. There is a big rose garden with all kinds and colors of roses.

There is a greenhouse that has tons of tropical plants and cacti. It was super hot in there that day.

Another area is a Japanese garden with huge coy fish.

The last area has a view of the water and all kinds of different flowers.

There are so many beautiful flowers and I wanted to take pictures of each of them. So I ended up with a bunch of pictures of flowers. Here are just a few of my favorites.

It was a wonderful date with my hubby and I loved every minute of it.

do it yourself {1st anniversary present – paper}

20 Jun
I definitely love the idea of doing traditional anniversary presents. I told Dan to make sure he did something having to do with paper for me. He was like, “so…I could get you a card…” haha. Anyway, he came up with something great.
I looked around for some fun ideas that I could make for Dan. I found some great ones and decided on one that I knew I could make and that Dan would love.
Here is my inspiration picture that comes from A Step in the Journey.

I printed a map of the United States out and cut out all of the states so I would be able to trace them on scrapbook paper. I chose a few different pieces of scrapbook paper to use. They were all plaid in teals, yellows, and greens. I placed the states together as I cut them out so I could see how the different papers were fitting together.

When I had about half of the states cut out, I decided to start taping them together. I didn’t have time to do them all that day, so I decided having them taped together would be the best way to keep myself organized. It also made it easier to see how they were fitting together.

I had a canvas that I wanted to use. I decided to just keep it white because I thought the colors would pop off the white. I also decided to paint on the canvas “Let’s go on an adventure”. Dan and I like exploring and going on adventures so I thought that would fit. I put modge podge over the whole canvas and let it dry.

I then hot glued the buttons to the places we have gone together. I already had buttons so I used teal and yellow buttons to go with the scrapbook paper. I decided to do places we’ve spent the night in. There aren’t many places we’ve gone but I know we will add lots more buttons.

I think this turned out really well and Dan loves it. He loves maps so he thought this was a really creative idea. He found a place and hung it right up on the wall.


1st anniversary {trip to cape cod}

20 Jun
I knew I wanted to do something special for our 1st anniversary. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to go away somewhere because we’re a little tight on money. I kept checking groupon and living social to see if any good 1 or 2 night trips would come up. Then Dan found this bed and breakfast on cape cod for only $85 a night and we decided we could definitely do that. And I’m so glad we did.
We stayed at the Sea Breeze Inn in Hyannis, MA. It was a really cute little b&b just up the road from the beach. The owners are a Russian couple and they are so nice. We had a nice private room with our own entrance and the dining room where we ate breakfast was so cute with all mismatched tables and chairs. I have been wanting to stay at a b&b for a while {it is on my 30 by 30 list!} and it was a great first experience. I loved it.

We went down to the cape on Friday afternoon and hit no traffic. The first place we went was the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory. They are my absolute favorite chips and we got a couple free samples of my favorite flavor!

We thought about renting bikes but the timing didn’t work out so we decided to do a little rollerblading on a bike trail.

After rollerblading we went on a walking trail that was right on the water. It was a beautiful trail and we got to see a little of the sunset and some gorgeous scenery. It was a nice ending to our first afternoon.

On Saturday morning it was really rainy when we woke up. We didn’t let it get us down though and still decided to go out and explore. We started at the Sandwich Glass Museum where we saw a little glass blowing.

It wasn’t quite as rainy when we left, so we decided to go to the Heritage Museum and Gardens. It was beautiful and the sun ended up coming out a little.

We got lunch and then got ice cream at Cape Cod Creamery. I had a yummy twix ice cream. It was delicious. Then we went back to the room for a bit and decided to go to the movies because it was pouring.

Sunday was a little nicer but still kind of cloudy. We drove up to Provincetown and went to the Pilgrim Monument. It was very tall and very windy at the top but had awesome views.

We found a really cute little cafe to have lunch at and then went to Cape Cod Light. We were allowed to climb up to the top and it was really cool to go all the way up to the light.

There was a crazy cliff by the light house with a beach at the bottom so we decided to go walk on the beach. It was really windy and the sand was whipping all around but we were laughing the entire time.

We were driving towards another light house but we were a little early for the tour, so we went to another beach, which was also just as windy. But the sun was finally coming out and there was actually some blue sky!

We headed over to Nauset Light, another light house we could up in, but it wasn’t as cool as the first one. I did like the red steps though.

Sunday night we got a little dressed up and went out to a really nice dinner. We went out for ice cream again and then went back to the room to just relax. It was a lovely ending to our weekend away.
Monday morning it was raining again so we just got our stuff together and headed home. It was pouring the whole drive home.
We got home and I decided to try our wedding cake. Dan refused to eat it but it actually wasn’t too bad for being frozen for a year.

During this trip I decided to take some ring pictures because we didn’t bring our rings on our honeymoon. I love them all.

It was a really wonderful trip with the hubby and I’m so glad we were able to do something special like this for our 1 year anniversary.
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