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new blog

10 Jun

Hello all you blog readers who may or may not still be out there. 

I’m not sure if you noticed but I took a little break from this blog….

I wasn’t really enjoying the experience anymore and decided I needed a break. I meant to post about taking a break but it never happened. 

I have decided I want to get back into the blogging routine but I created a new blog so I can start fresh. You can find me over at:

I hope you’ll join me over there. Can’t wait to hear from you! 



birthday month

1 Feb

February is my birthday month! I always get excited for my birthday and I love celebrating it. February is a huge birthday month for my family so we will be having plenty of celebrations over the next few weeks and I can’t wait!!

Happy February!

friday five {what i’m loving this week}

27 Jan

This week was super busy. I thought I would have a ton more time on my hands now that I am back to being a teacher assistant. That doesn’t seem to be the case however. I have been tutoring for an hour after school Monday – Thursday. And I have been going to the gym. Also, I feel like I’m so tired when I get home that I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing but watch TV. So I feel like my free time has been a little hard to come by.

I have some projects that I still want to post about and I have some projects I’m planning on doing that I will definitely want to post about. So hopefully I can find some more time in my life to do that.

I still wanted to make sure I posted my Friday Five. So here goes….

1. SALES! Who doesn’t love sales??

I work at Old Navy part time, which at the moment means once every 2 or 3 months. So I worked last weekend for 4 hours. And, of course, I found things that I wanted to buy. They were having extra 50% off clearance (which I love) and I ended up getting 6 things for $21!! Then we went to Gap Outlet and I spent $23 on 4 pieces of clothing and a pair of shoes! And to top it off, I got a $30 scarf at Banana Republic for $6! So, all in all, I spent about $50 and got about $300 worth of stuff! It was a wonderful day!

2. Valentine’s Day crafts.

I love doing holiday type crafts. I made a wreath back around Halloween and I definitely want to try one for Valentine’s Day. A girl I know, who has the blog Pretty Things & Potty Mouths made this beautiful wreath with a tutorial{found here}. I bought some supplies the other day at Michael’s and will definitely be trying one soon and definitely posting about it.

3. Keeping track of birthdays.

I am usually pretty good about keeping track of birthdays. Sometimes though, when my life gets crazy, birthdays just get pushed right out of my mind. I found this amazing birthday calendar on Pinterest {found here}. I think this is perfect. I would love one and it would make a great gift!

4. Amazing cards.

I usually have a hard time putting into words how I feel. I am just not good at it like I wish I was. So, I love cards. And there are some amazing ones out there {found here}. And a lot of times I think the most perfect ones are the most simple ones. I think I could make some cards like this…might have to give it a try.

5. Unique coffee tables.

Our coffee table is just a regular coffee table that a bunch of stuff gets piled on top of. I love coffee tables that are unique and different. This one is amazing {found here}. And I wouldn’t pile stuff on top of it because I would want to see into it. Imagine the things you could put in here…it could be anything!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

crafty day {not so much}

16 Jan

So I had today off because of MLK, Jr. day. I was really looking forward to having the extra day off and I didn’t really have anything to do. I was planning on spending the day being crafty. I’m still thinking about opening an Etsy shop so I figured I would try and make some things that I could actually sell if I open one.

However, so far, the day hasn’t really ended up like that. Things just aren’t working out. I was planning on making some magnets like I made for Christmas presents and some tacks for bulletin boards but I can’t find the clear stones I was using. I can’t find them anywhere. I have absolutely no idea what happened to them. So I punched out some little circles to make them for when I find the stones or just buy more. That really frustrated me…which kind of made me not in the mood.

I was trying to find something else to do and I just wasn’t really feeling anything else. I did a few little things but they aren’t really anything helpful. So I decided to do some things on my computer. I wanted to make some banner type things that I could print out and then my printer was not printing well. I really need a new printer. This one just messes up the colors all time now. So that was just another frustration.

So now I am not really in the mood for being crafty. I guess I tried….and I will just have to keep on being crafty when I have time.

Thanks for listening, or reading, whoever is reading this.

Goodbye 2011…

31 Dec

I’m a little sad to see 2011 go. This has been a fantastic year.

I got married to my best friend.

I graduated with my masters.

I went on a fantastic honeymoon.

I had my first real teaching experience with a classroom of my own.

I turned 26…closer to 30 than to 20.

I have a ton of wonderful memories of the past year and I’m not sure I’m ready for the year to be over. But I’m sure there will be many wonderful times coming my way in 2012 and I can’t wait to see what is in store.

And I am ringing in the new year with most of my favorite people so that doesn’t hurt either.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night tonight and happy new year!!!

Slacking off….

17 Oct

Oh man. I have been slacking on this blog. I have been tired and just not feeling up to sitting at my computer. I definitely have some things to post about though. I plan on posting more this week for sure.

We went to Dan’s parents for the weekend for his Gram’s 93rd birthday dinner. I have also been working on my Tinkerbell Halloween costume. Many things to share for sure….coming up starting tomorrow.


3 Day Weekend

7 Oct

This week was a long week even though it kind felt like it flew by. We started NECAPS this week. We’re doing one test a day, so it will be 8 days long….4 down….4 to go. And I have been sick. On Wednesday, I felt awful at work and went home early. I’m feeling better and better ever day.

Now we have a 3 day weekend and I am soo excited! It is very much needed. The weather is supposed to be amazing. After frost the past 2 mornings, it is supposed be high 70s all 3 days. And we don’t have any big plans, which is fantastic! Hopefully we can get a lot done and have a lot of fun!!

Hopefully everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend!
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