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wonderful words

2 Jan

Here are some inspirational quotes for the new year. be in love better than at the beginning come alive do the crazy thing i'm gonna make it happen live in the moment the best of my lifemay your coming year welcome the new yearlet's do this

Happy Hump Day!


running goal for 2013

29 Dec

I already posted about the race series that we are participating in for next year. The first race is on the 1st, which is Tuesday, and I know it is going to be awful. It is going to be cold and I am no where near able to run 3 miles anymore.

I decided that, since I will be training for 5k’s all through the year, that I would set a running goal for myself. I was thinking about it and talking with Dan about how many miles I could give myself as a goal. 1,000 seems too overwhelming for me right now and 500 seems a little low.

I decided to give myself a goal of running 700 miles in 2013.

This makes me a little nervous but I know I can do it. 700 miles in the whole year equals out to about 60 miles a month, or about 15 miles a week. I think I will use the monthly goal of 60 miles to keep myself on track.

I hope this goal keeps me on track. I also am hoping to lose a little more weight and become healthier in 2013 so I think this goal with help with that.

I will keep the blog updated occasionally on my progress throughout the year.


Is anyone else giving themselves a running goal? Or an exercise goal?


portsmouth community road race series

18 Dec

I ran two 5k’s in the past few months. I trained hard for the first one and felt really good. I ran the whole thing in about 30 minutes. The 2nd one was kind of last minute and I was not prepared for it. I couldn’t run for the whole thing and finished in about 33 minutes.

I have decided that I want to take running more seriously and use 2013 to really get healthy.

Dan, a couple of our friends, and I are participating in a road race series in 2013. There are 2 different series in the area. They are doing both series. I’m only doing one.

The one I’m doing, the Portsmouth Community Road Race Series, is all 5k races. There are 7 races and if you run 6, you get a jacket. I am planning on running all 7. The first race is in January and the last race is on Thanksgiving.


The first one is on January 1st. That is 2 weeks away. 2 weeks. from today. holy cow. Am I ready for it? no. I have not been running, or even really exercising. We were gone for Thanksgiving. Then I was sick for 2 weeks. And we have been busy. So I really need to get in gear and start getting ready for this race. I don’t plan on being amazing but I also don’t want to totally suck it up.

We got a treadmill from my grandfather’s basement that no one has been using. Now we just need to fit it in our apartment and I think that will help since the weather has been so crazy outside.

I’m so afraid it might be freezing on the 1st and that will not make my running any easier. But who knows…maybe it will be a gorgeous day. I guess we will have to wait and see. And I will definitely keep updating on here about how things are going.

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