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fun at school {do something nice day}

10 Oct

I have been keeping up with the crazy holidays and I think it is a lot of fun. The students seem to enjoy it so I will keep it up.

Thursday, the 4th, was World Animal Day. I left a spot on the board for the students to write what their favorite animal is. I had both classes do it so it got very filled up and some of the answers were interesting.

Friday, the 5th, was Do Something Nice Day. I had the students write something nice they could do that day and I loved a lot of the answers.

Today is Stop Bullying Day and October is Bullying Prevention Month. So, the kids are in the process of making bullying prevention posters. They started them today but didn’t finish. So we will finish them tomorrow and I will post more on that later.



fun at school {crazy holidays}

3 Oct


You know how every single day of the year has some crazy or silly or weird or stupid holiday? Well, I always thought it would be fun to celebrate something every day when I have my own classroom. Something a little different to add to the day.
I don’t have my own classroom yet, but the other day I was looking up some of these crazy holidays. I probably won’t do one every day but I thinkĀ  I can celebrate some of these days now, during my long term sub job. I noticed that October 2nd was National Custodial Workers Day. We decided to have the kids make thank you cards for the custodians at our school. We’re taking NECAPs this week anyway so this was a good filler activity for the little bit of time after testing.

So I think when there is a fun day that is appropriate for school, I will write it on the board. Some days we might be able to do some kind of activity for it. Other days might just be so they know what that day is for fun. I think it is a fun thing to do just to mix things up a little.
Is this stupid? Or fun? Or what do you think?


photo challenge {day 22 – where you work}

22 Feb

I work at a school and I spent most of the day today in the pod, which is the room in the middle of all the 5th grade classrooms. So here is the pod.

Rainy Day

7 Sep

The past couple days have been so rainy and gray and blah. On days like this, I want to just stay in bed in my PJ’s and watch trash TV all day. But, obviously I have to work. So….at least I can throw my sweats on when I get home.

I decided to take some pictures of the classroom today. I know it isn’t really my classroom, but I want to remember it in the future as my first real teaching experience.

I also received a beautiful wedding invitation to my cousin’s wedding today. It is in October and it is in Italy. I so wish I could go. But, after getting married and going on a honeymoon this year, a trip to Italy just cannot happen. I’m super sad about it. I was really excited to get the invitation today though. It isĀ  gorgeous and brightened up the rainy day.

Beautiful, right?

And I finally stopped by the library today to get a library card.

This is kind of a random post but my mind is kind of random sometimes so it fits. Enjoy.


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