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summer fun {mccoole bash 2012}

27 Jul


Every year my mom and step-dad have a huge party at their house called the McCoole Bash. This year was no exception. They chose the date of the party this year to coincide with the Blue Angels Air Show happening at Pease in Portsmouth. Everyone was around for the party and it was a ton of fun.
All the “kids” went down to the dock to chill on the boat for the air show. There were a ton of people watching the show from the street in front of my mom’s house.

The air show was fabulous. It was even better that we could watch it from my mom’s. We couldn’t see any of the low on the ground things but they flew pretty much right over the house a few times and it was awesome. Dan used our telescopic lens and got some great pictures.

My brother Ryan was very excited about the air show.

After the air show, we ate some yummy food and hung out listening to some wonderful guitar music by my brother.

There was an absolutely gorgeous sunset, so of course I had to snap some shots. I think I’m a tad bit obsessed with sunsets.

We ended the night with some fireworks down on the dock. It was a good ending to a great day! Can’t wait until next year!



photo friday

6 Jul
So this past week has been so crazy because my stepbrother came up from Florida and a ton of stuff was going on. I definitely have some posts to do about the week which will have to wait until next week because we’re going to NY for the weekend to see Dan’s family.
Here are my photos from the past week.

we went camping on an island

air show with the blue angels

love shack

played with legos with my mom.

saw the air show 2 days in a row

across the street from my mom’s house

all the plate pieces that my mom has found on the beach across the street

the boys before we went out.

hippo at my grandparent’s house

front yard at my grandparent’s

back yard at my grandparent’s


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