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photo friday

7 Sep
my week in photos

seagull at the beach

sandy feet

hike with the hubby

beautiful tree lined trail

top of North Mountain

boat ride out on the river

crazy sky at my mom’s

perfect ending to summer

toasting marshmallows


beautiful sky on my way into work

Happy Friday!

photo friday

31 Aug
here is my week through photos.

beach at Fort Foster

sunset in downtown Portsmouth


Willy Wonka at Prescott Park. Fizzy lifting drink.

yummy ice cream.


sunshine over mt. agamenticus

working out with the hubby

lovely view from my mom’s

boat trip on the river

sunrise during our morning run

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend!!





summer fun {fireworks on the boat}

1 Aug


I absolutely love fireworks. I could watch them every single day of the year. Unfortunately, there are only so many times a year that there are fireworks to watch. On the 4th of July, I try my best to see the fireworks every year. The past few years we have been going out on my mom and step-dad’s boat to watch them from the river. I think this makes the experience just that much better.
This year, we got a bunch of people to go and it was fabulous. We watched the fireworks over a beautiful view of downtown Portsmouth. It made for some beautiful pictures.

There are a few people missing from our group but I love these people and it was great all going out on the boat together.

All in all, it ended up being a fun 4th of July. And hopefully there are many more fireworks to come.


memorial day weekend {monday}

7 Jun
On Monday of Memorial Day weekend, we had a family day. It was a day when everyone could actually all get together. We decided to get together to have a little memorial for my grandmother. My grandmother wanted her ashes spread in the ocean off the shore of Great Island Common. We decided that Memorial Day would be a good day to go out on the boat to do just that, and it just happened to be 3 months from the day she passed away. 
All the ashes were separated into bags so we could all have our own moment and do what we needed to do. There was also a skipping rock in each bag so it would sink. And we brought some daisies along because those were DeDe’s favorite.

We took out my parent’s new boat, which is named Sweet Gal because that is what DeDe called everyone. It was a beautiful day on the river. 


Even though it was an emotional day, we had a lot of fun on the boat and took a lot of “kid” pictures. I love these people. We have so much fun together.

There was a beautiful sunset when we returned to the house so we had some fun down on the dock.

We ended the night with a fire in the fire pit and some fireworks on the beach.

It was a super emotional day but it was a beautiful day with some of my favorite people in the world. It was a good way to end the weekend.

memorial day weekend {sunday}

31 May
On Sunday Dan and I went over to my mom’s house. Dan went to help my step dad install speakers in their amazing new boat. I just kind of hung out and took some pictures around my mom’s house. She has beautiful gardens with all kinds of flowers. I love pictures of flowers. Here is a taste of the pictures I took.

They live right on the Piscataqua River and there is a little beach across the street  from their house where I love to sit and relax.

Once the speakers were ready, we decided to take a little ride on the boat. It was gorgeous.

This is my mom’s cute dog Bailey. Love her.

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