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wedding pictures {group shots and ceremony}

7 Jun
After our portraits we did group shots. We did shots with the wedding party first then shots with our families. I have 2 families basically plus Dan’s family so there were a lot of family shots. I’m glad to have all of those pictures because it isn’t often you get a picture of the whole family together.

After the group shots, we headed over to the ceremony site. Some guests had started to show up and I didn’t want to just be standing around. The girls, my mom and dad, and I went all the way over to the other side of the beach to wait for the start of the ceremony. We got a signal and started walking over. It was a long aisle but I loved walking over to everyone and then seeing Dan standing at the end.

The beach was beautiful and it was very sunny. We had a family friend who is a JP officiate the ceremony. And my grandmother did a reading, which is even more special to me now. It was a short and sweet ceremony that we put together ourselves and it was perfect.

After the ceremony we took a group shot before everyone headed over to the reception.

Then we took a few shots with some banners I made, a Just Married sign and a Thank You sign for our thank you cards we were sending out after the wedding.

We walked across the beach to go to our reception and we were so happy to be married.

It was a great start to the party!


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