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i have no words

16 Dec


I have no words for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on Friday.

I am so sad about all the children who lost their lives so early and to the teachers and other school personnel who lost their lives trying to protect the children.

It makes me so sad and makes my heart so heavy to think about all of those little children who had to live through this tragedy. All those children who will be terrified to go back to school, which should be a safe place.

I have been reading about what the teachers did to protect their students. They are heroes. They put their lives on the line and did whatever they could to hide those kids.

I am a teacher and I absolutely cannot imagine having to go through something like that. It makes me wonder….would I instinctively know what to do to protect my students? Would I say the right things to them so they know they are safe and loved? It is such a scary thing to think about.

I hope that we can remember the victims in this situation and not just focus on the crazy man who took all those lives. All of those 6 and 7 year old children who had so much of their lives ahead of them. And the teachers who are heroes in my eyes. I will remember them always.

My heart goes out to everyone involved in the situation.


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