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summer fun {marginal way date}

25 Aug


Dan and I got a gift certificate for a restaurant in Ogunquit a couple years ago from my mom. We knew we wanted to use it when it was warm enough to walk around the area. But then we never got a chance to go. So, a couple weeks ago, I decided we needed a date night and we were going to use our gift certificate.
It happened to be super busy on the night that we went so we had to park kind of far away and walk to the restaurant. The restaurant was kind of fancy but it was a cute little restaurant. We enjoyed our meal and were really full.
After we ate, we went for a walk on Marginal Way, which is a walkway that runs along the ocean.

It was a little cloudy and we were afraid it might start raining, but it ended up being a really nice walk.

I love doing things like this with Dan. I love just spending time with him, strolling along the ocean. It is one of my favorite things to do with him.
P.S. I know I just posted a ton of things. I’m trying to catch up on my summer posts before schools starts this week. Hopefully I can catch up to my life.


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