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pcrrs {resolution run 5k}

11 Feb

I posted a while ago about participating in a road race series, the Portsmouth Community Road Race Series, that has 5k runs all around Portsmouth. The first run was the Resolution 5k on January 1. It was a good way to start the year. I was a little behind on my running so I didn’t do that great. It was cold and I didn’t run the entire thing. I walked a few times at about a minute each time. I know my race times can only get better from there. 

We ran it with our friend Renee. Our friend Hillary was also supposed to run the race but she hurt her leg snowboarding the week before, so she just took pictures.


I carried her number in my pocket….which is kind of cheating but we were ok with that. And she was ok with the fact that she wouldn’t get a very good time.

We were all bundled up and ready to go on the cold but sunny morning.


I was exhausted after the run. And my leg was really hurting. But I was proud of my time and I know I will get better throughout the year. Renee and Dan both finished before I did so they were waiting for me at the finish line.


The next race in the series is towards the end of April so I have plenty of time to get better again. I’m starting a new running plan this week. I’m doing a 5k plan first to get myself back up to where I was and then I will do a 10k plan to try and get my runs longer. I would love to be able to run 4 or 5 miles as a regular run.

I definitely haven’t been running as much as I was hoping so far this year. My running goal isn’t going so well but I’m hoping this plan will get me back on track.



portsmouth community road race series

18 Dec

I ran two 5k’s in the past few months. I trained hard for the first one and felt really good. I ran the whole thing in about 30 minutes. The 2nd one was kind of last minute and I was not prepared for it. I couldn’t run for the whole thing and finished in about 33 minutes.

I have decided that I want to take running more seriously and use 2013 to really get healthy.

Dan, a couple of our friends, and I are participating in a road race series in 2013. There are 2 different series in the area. They are doing both series. I’m only doing one.

The one I’m doing, the Portsmouth Community Road Race Series, is all 5k races. There are 7 races and if you run 6, you get a jacket. I am planning on running all 7. The first race is in January and the last race is on Thanksgiving.


The first one is on January 1st. That is 2 weeks away. 2 weeks. from today. holy cow. Am I ready for it? no. I have not been running, or even really exercising. We were gone for Thanksgiving. Then I was sick for 2 weeks. And we have been busy. So I really need to get in gear and start getting ready for this race. I don’t plan on being amazing but I also don’t want to totally suck it up.

We got a treadmill from my grandfather’s basement that no one has been using. Now we just need to fit it in our apartment and I think that will help since the weather has been so crazy outside.

I’m so afraid it might be freezing on the 1st and that will not make my running any easier. But who knows…maybe it will be a gorgeous day. I guess we will have to wait and see. And I will definitely keep updating on here about how things are going.

30 day shred {…i’m not really sure how many days…}

20 Nov

So, my 30 Day Shred experience is completely messed up.

I have about 6 days left still. I got sick and didn’t work out for 2 days. I went to Orlando for the weekend for my chorus’ international competition so I didn’t work out. Yesterday I was so exhausted and today we’re leaving for NY for Thanksgiving. So I still have about 6 days left.

I was going to measure myself before I left for Orlando but never got around to it. So….I kind of messed myself up. I’m going to try and workout a little in NY but I won’t be doing the DVD. I’m planning on finishing the 30 Day Shred next week when life gets back to normal but I know it won’t be the same.

Oh well. It is what it is and, at this point, there isn’t really much I can do about it. So we will see how it goes next week.

Dan and I are leaving tonight for NY. We will be there until Saturday because we are spending Thanksgiving with Dan’s family this year. I plan on doing a lot of relaxing and reading and spending time with our 3 year old niece Abby and maybe a little school work that I really need to do also.

I still plan on posting a little but I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday and eats lots of delicious food!

jillian michaels 30 day shred {10 days down}

24 Oct

I posted last week about doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. I thought I would post an update on my progress.

Today was day 10 so I have completed 1/3 of the 30 days and I feel pretty good. You are supposed to do each level of the workout until you feel like you should move on. I did level 1 for 7 days. I’ve done level 1 many times and I felt like it was pretty easy. So I decided to move on after a week. I moved on to level 2 on Monday. I forgot how hard level 2 is compared to level 1. Oh man. I’m doing it but it is so hard. And I know level 3 is even harder….

I haven’t really lost any weight but I definitely feel like I’m building some muscle. So that is a good thing.

Anyway, here is to the next 10 days when I will update on my progress again.

jillian michaels {30 day shred}

15 Oct

I used to do this DVD a lot before we got married. It is really hard, especially for being a 20 minute workout. It is 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs then you repeat 2 more times. There are 3 different levels that get harder and harder.

I’ve never actually done it for 30 days in a row though. I decided I would try it for 30 days and see what the 30 day shred can do for me.

I plan on doing each level for 10 days and then moving on to the next level.

I started the 1st level today so October 15th is day one. I already know there is at least 1 day that I won’t be able to do it but I plan on doing it every single day that I can. So let’s see where I am in 30 days from now. I will definitely keep you guys posted.

Has anyone else done the 30 day shred? Has anyone seen crazy results?

summer fun {bike ride to the beach}

31 Aug


I had been wanting to ride my bike down to the beach for a while. One day a few weeks ago the weather was really nice and I decided to just go for it. It was a wonderful ride and a wonderful view when I got there.

On the way back, I stopped at a little pond where there is a path way down to a bench. It was a little overgrown but it looked really pretty.

It was a gorgeous way to spend a summer morning and a great workout.


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