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photo friday

30 Nov

my hubby and i with our super cute niece


pretty morning

cold but beautiful day

cold but beautiful day

it was snowing on our way home

it was snowing on our way home

making dede's cookies for our family day

making dede’s cookies for our family day

from where we stand watching the parade

from where we stand watching the parade



decorating my grandfather's {fake} christmas tree

decorating my grandfather’s {fake} christmas tree

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

I don’t know about you guys but I am so so so happy that it is Friday. And I’m also so so so happy that we don’t really have many plans this weekend. I’m hoping I can rest my voice so that, come Monday, talking at school won’t be so hard. And we’re getting our christmas tree on Sunday which I am also so excited about!! Yay!

Happy weekend!!


summer fun {york’s wild animal kingdom}

1 Sep
My mom used to take my brother and I to York’s Wild Animal Kingdom when we were younger. This summer, she decided she wanted to go again. So we found a day when the 3 of us could all go together and we went.
I love zoos. I love seeing all the different animals there are. This is a smaller zoo and it seemed that many of the bigger animals were having nap time while we were strolling through but it will still a lot of fun spending time with 2 of my favorite people.

One of my favorite parts was the butterfly area. I’ve been in butterfly areas before but I’ve never seen so many butterflies flying around all at once. It was awesome. One even landed on my mom’s arm.

After we saw all the animals, we walked down toward the beach, got some lunch, and browsed in some of the shops. It was a fabulous day.

happy birthday {to the best mom ever}

15 Aug
Today is my wonderful mom’s birthday!

our first tattoos

getting our tattoos for dede

Last year was my mom’s 50th birthday and she got this as a present from my step-dad.

My mom is an amazing person and I’m so glad we have such a good relationship. We have been through a lot as a family but my mom, my brother and I have always stuck together. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Happy Birthday! I love you Mom! ❤

summer fun {trip to NY}

7 Aug


At the beginning of July, we made a trip to Dan’s parents. We were finally going to see his brother, Jon, and sister-in-law, Amanda, and their cute little 3 year old, Abby. We hadn’t seen them since our wedding over a year ago. That is way too long to go without seeing family. And I knew Abby had grown so much since the wedding and I was so excited to see her. I pretty much spent the entire weekend with her and it was awesome. Dan spent more time with his dad and brother but that was good for him.
We played outside a lot. Abby loves her Unki Dan and he helped her climb a tree in the yard.

I went to the playground with Amanda and Abby and snapped tons of pictures of Abby playing. I’m definitely the crazy picture taking Aunt. But I’m ok with that.

We went to the playground on Sunday morning too, before everyone had to head home. Jon came this time too.

Before we left on Sunday, I was hanging out with Abby in the living room and she came over to show me something. I decided to take some pictures of us together because I don’t get very many. I asked her to make a funny face and that is when she opened her mouth really wide. It was amazing. They are some of my favorite pictures ever.

All in all, it was a great weekend at the in-laws and I’m so glad we got to see Jon, Amanda, and Abby. I will not let us go that long again without seeing each other.


summer fun {camping on the island}

24 Jul
My mom and step-dad live right on a river. Up the river a little ways there is a little island. A while ago we decided that we should camp on the island. It has basically just enough space to set up a couple of tents and there is already a fire pit out there. So, when my step-brother Sean came up for a week, we decided it would be the perfect time to go.
It ended up only being Dan, Ryan, Sean, Jay and I being able to go. And I, of course, ended up being scheduled until 9 on that night. So the boys went out to the island to set everything up and my step-dad drove me out on the boat when I got out of work.
We had a few drinks and hung out around the fire. They boys took turns playing around with the guitar. We played with some sparklers. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with the boys.

We have decided we need to do it again when more people can go because it would be really fun with a bunch of us.
Does anyone have any crazy camping trip stories?


wedding pictures {group shots and ceremony}

7 Jun
After our portraits we did group shots. We did shots with the wedding party first then shots with our families. I have 2 families basically plus Dan’s family so there were a lot of family shots. I’m glad to have all of those pictures because it isn’t often you get a picture of the whole family together.

After the group shots, we headed over to the ceremony site. Some guests had started to show up and I didn’t want to just be standing around. The girls, my mom and dad, and I went all the way over to the other side of the beach to wait for the start of the ceremony. We got a signal and started walking over. It was a long aisle but I loved walking over to everyone and then seeing Dan standing at the end.

The beach was beautiful and it was very sunny. We had a family friend who is a JP officiate the ceremony. And my grandmother did a reading, which is even more special to me now. It was a short and sweet ceremony that we put together ourselves and it was perfect.

After the ceremony we took a group shot before everyone headed over to the reception.

Then we took a few shots with some banners I made, a Just Married sign and a Thank You sign for our thank you cards we were sending out after the wedding.

We walked across the beach to go to our reception and we were so happy to be married.

It was a great start to the party!


memorial day weekend {monday}

7 Jun
On Monday of Memorial Day weekend, we had a family day. It was a day when everyone could actually all get together. We decided to get together to have a little memorial for my grandmother. My grandmother wanted her ashes spread in the ocean off the shore of Great Island Common. We decided that Memorial Day would be a good day to go out on the boat to do just that, and it just happened to be 3 months from the day she passed away. 
All the ashes were separated into bags so we could all have our own moment and do what we needed to do. There was also a skipping rock in each bag so it would sink. And we brought some daisies along because those were DeDe’s favorite.

We took out my parent’s new boat, which is named Sweet Gal because that is what DeDe called everyone. It was a beautiful day on the river. 


Even though it was an emotional day, we had a lot of fun on the boat and took a lot of “kid” pictures. I love these people. We have so much fun together.

There was a beautiful sunset when we returned to the house so we had some fun down on the dock.

We ended the night with a fire in the fire pit and some fireworks on the beach.

It was a super emotional day but it was a beautiful day with some of my favorite people in the world. It was a good way to end the weekend.
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