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9 Sep

I am so glad it is Friday. We haven’t even had a full week of school yet and I am so exhausted. Like fighting to stay awake at 7:00 at night exhausted.

Yesterday was a good day at school. I got a new projector. Yay!! Then I found out that some kids in 5th grade were switching around due to not enough assistant coverage for special ed. So I was losing my 2 special ed students and getting a new girl from one of the other classes. Kind of crazy after 2 weeks of school but understandable because I didn’t have any support in my room for them other than me. So they switched as of today. The new girl in my room is really sweet and quiet. I’m sure it will be great once she gets used to our room.

After school yesterday, I met with some of my girlfriends for our weekly drink date at a local Mexican restaurant. It was fabulous and much needed. Yummy drink and yummy nachos and wonderful friends. One of my friends was talking about whoopie pies….so, when I got home, Dan and I decided to go to the store to pick up a whoopie pie and some sweet treats. It was delicious.

Oh, and I got paid today! Woohoo! Not a full paycheck but at least it is something to get by until next week when I should get a regular paycheck.

Now we’re off to NY for the weekend to visit the in-laws. Have a happy weekend!

2nd week of School

6 Sep

So today was the first day of our 2nd week of school. I got some things done over the long weekend, probably not as much as I could, but a decent amount. I planned for most of the week and felt pretty good going in to today. The beginning of the day went pretty well.

We have everyday math and we worked on 1.2 today, which is about arrays. The kids did pretty well. I know they have been introduced to them before.

Then we have reading and writing. We use Reading Street, which is a brand new program to our 5th grade. The program has so much stuff and we do not have enough time. I did day 1 for week 1, unit 1 today. I felt frazzled because I was trying to fit so much in to not enough time. And I also feel like it kind of randomly goes from one topic to another. I skipped quite a few aspects and barely made it to the end, without completely finishing. I don’t know how to fit it all in. I guess we’ll just go with the flow for now and see how it goes.

In the afternoon, we have science. I wanted to use the projector to play a brain pop and an intro powerpoint for the scientific method. Of course, the projector didn’t work. Luckily, I had an extra sheet that the kids could work on and another paper that could introduce the scientific method. It was frustrating though. And the tech guy came and checked it out. The bulb is blown. Which takes “a while” to fix….whatever that means.

And to top that off, I still have yet to get paid. I didn’t get the first paycheck that the teachers get, the Friday before we start. I asked about it and was told I shouldn’t get that one. So I assumed I would get paid this past Friday when they got paid again. I didn’t have it in my account on Friday but we didn’t have school and I just assumed that my direct deposit wasn’t working or something. I get to school today, still no paycheck. I asked again. Something got messed up….someone dropped the ball. Hopefully I’ll be getting a 5 day paycheck on Thursday and a regular paycheck in 2 weeks. We will see.

Other than that…today went pretty well. Hopefully the rest of the week will go better.

1st Day of Teaching

30 Aug

So today was my first day of teaching 5th grade for my long-term sub job. The day actually went pretty well and better than I expected. I was really nervous leading up to this morning and as the kids came in, I didn’t feel quite so nervous. We did all easy, getting to know you, first day of school activities. Things were going quicker than expected and I felt like I was running out of things to do but it all ended up working out in the end. I feel pretty good at the end of the day.

We made fabulous self-portraits today. Most of them came out really well. I already hung them up on our bulletin board.

I even made one of myself while the students were working on theirs. (I know it is kind of light…I colored it with colored pencils)

I also put together our schedule and laminated it so we know what is going on during our day.

So overall, I think the day went pretty well. I’m looking forward to the next few months of learning more about my teaching style and having this experience.

Teaching Tomorrow

29 Aug

I went to school to be an elementary school teacher. I haven’t been able to find a job yet but last year I was a teacher assistant for 5th grade in a middle school in the area. I worked in all the classrooms but one more than the others. That teacher had a baby in June and is taking her maternity leave time this fall, until Christmas vacation. Since I already worked in the school, and didn’t get another teaching job, they decided I could cover for her class while she is on maternity leave. I wish I had gotten my own classroom position this year but, since I didn’t, this is excellent teaching experience for me to put on my resume.

The first day of school with the kids is tomorrow and I am really, really nervous. This is my first real teaching on my own experience. I know the first few days are more introducing everything and going slow so I know it will be fine. I think I just have thisĀ  feeling like all the students are going to be out of control and I’m not going to be able to fix it. Plus, because of Hurricane Irene, the school was closed today so I couldn’t go in to get all my last-minute stuff together and organized, which stressed me out a little more. I was able to get things done here but it isn’t the same as actually being in the classroom. I will just get there extra early in the morning to make sure everything is set. Then I will meet my class of 19 5th graders and begin our 4 months together.

I hope to blog about any fun teaching ideas, activities, or lessons I come up with. Or if anyone has any excellent lesson ideas for 5th grade reading, writing, math, or science, definitely let me know!

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