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school fun {halloween}

1 Nov

I meant to post this yesterday but just didn’t have a chance. So I am posting it now.

Yesterday was Halloween. We didn’t really do much at school for the holiday, but I thought I would share what I did do.

Last week some time I hung up a Happy Halloween banner and some black bats that I cut out. I thought it looked fun and got our classroom in the spirit.

Yesterday I had the students write their favorite candy up on the board so we could see what everyone likes. I thought it was fitting for Halloween.

On another note, I cannot believe that it is already November. Holy cow. Where is the time going???

I filled out our dry erase calendar last night and we are going to be super busy this month. Not to mention that I don’t think we have a real full week at school this whole month which I think will make the month just fly by.

Does anyone else have a crazy month ahead of them??

Happy almost Friday everyone!

do it yourself: crayon drip art pumpkin

29 Oct

I realize I haven’t blogged much in the past week or so. I tried to and then things came up. And then our internet wasn’t working well. And so on…

So here I am, ready to blog about my pumpkin. Dan and I both talked about getting pumpkins to carve. Then the day when we were actually going to go get pumpkins, neither of us felt like carving a pumpkin. So I decided to buy a white pumpkin so I could try something that I had seen. This awesome crayon drip art pumpkin by Alexa on The Swell Life that I found through Pinterest.

I thought it would be really fun and something different to try.

Dan and I went to Apple Crest Farms last weekend and I found a perfect little white pumpkin. We also picked up some apple cider and some delicious apple cider donuts…that were pretty much gone by the time we got home….Anyway, on to my pumpkin.

I brought the pumpkin home and decorated it that same afternoon.

I found a box of unused cheap crayons in one of my craft drawers. I began by peeling all of the labels off.

I decided to do this on the kitchen floor where I had plenty of space. I put a trash bag down on the floor because I knew there might be some splattering as the crayons melted.

I started trying to lay the crayons on top of the pumpkin and discovered that they were too long so I broke the ends off the crayons. Then they were rolling off so I used a little dab of super glue to hold them all on the top of the pumpkin.

I used my hair dryer on hot and high. I tried medium but it didn’t really seem to be working well. There was some splattering but most of it stayed right on the trash bag. {ps. don’t mind my comfy clothes. Dan came over and decided to snap some pictures while I was in the middle of doing this}

Some of the crayons melted really well and others didn’t really do so well. It was kind of weird. But I just went with it and tried to heat them evenly.

I think it turned out really cool. Some of the colors show up better than other colors and some are more chunky. But I really love it.

This was something completely different from carving an orange pumpkin and I’m glad I did something different this year. Now if only we had a porch that I could put this out on…..Maybe next year.

Did anyone else do anything different this year?

Halloween Party

31 Oct

On Friday night we had our Halloween party. We had it at my mom’s, in their love shack, where we have all our other parties. No one has a space big enough as of right now to have a party, so we just use my mom’s. But she loves it.

It wasn’t a ton of people but we all dressed up, had a few drinks and snacks, played some games, and had a great time.

peter pan & tinkerbell
alice & mad hatter
pumpkin & bubblegum under a sandal
dr. seymour bush & nerd
black swan
nerd & mario

Happy Halloween to everyone!

And today I had my first snow day….on Halloween….so crazy.

Halloween Party Inspiration

3 Oct

We are planning a Halloween party for the Friday before Halloween. This is Dan’s favorite holiday and he loves to go all out. Also, at another get together sometime over the summer, it somehow came up that we should all dress as Disney princesses/couples and we decided we should have a Halloween party so we can do just that. I’m not sure if that is still happening…but we’re definitely still having a party. And it will be a blast!

So I have been looking for some decoration inspiration and I have definitely found some great stuff, mostly from Pinterest, of course.

found here

found here

found here

So I found this picture on Pinterest but followed it to Hostess with the Mostess blog, which is amazing. The whole photo shoot is awesome. It would pretty much be my dream Halloween party.

found here

And I found the Anders Ruff Etsy shop from which you can buy the printables from this shoot. And I bought them. I think they are fantastic.

Anyway, I know our party will be fun no matter what we come up with for decorations.

DIY Halloween Wreath

25 Sep

I love Pinterest. I might even say I’m obsessed……yea, definitely obsessed. I have found so many fantastic DIY ideas on there, among many other things.

Halloween is coming up. Dan loves Halloween and going all out with the decorating. And we’re planning a Halloween party. I thought I would start off our decorating with this super cute DIY wreath I found on Pinterest.

So, I decided to try it out. I found another idea on Pinterest to use pipe insulation as a wreath form because it is much cheaper. So that is what I did. And it worked great. It is kind of skinny because the bigger kind wouldn’t go into a circle without bending but I think it turned out great.

So I got my pipe insulation and some orange and black yarn and went to town.

I didn’t glue the yarn or anything. I just started by wrapping the yarn over the end and at the end of the color, I just tucked the end in. When I was done, I did use a little glue to glue down a few crazy ends that were sticking out a little.

Then I added this bunting that says BOO! which I got over on the Pretty Ditty blog (which is where the inspiration comes from) which I think is awesome.

And I added a little sparkly spider. I tried to make it float in the middle but it just wasn’t working for me. So I just tied it on and I love the way it turn out.

It was a super easy DIY. Does everyone love it as much as I do??

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