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sounds of the seacoast {3rd place medalists}

11 Dec

A couple weeks ago, I flew to Florida to sing with my chorus in the Harmony, Inc. international barbershop competition. I sing with a women’s chorus based in Portsmouth, NH. I have been singing with them for a little less than a year and this was my first international singing with this chorus.

I worked on Thursday and Dan picked me up to take me to the airport right after work. I flew to Florida and got to the hotel around midnight. My mom was already there and I was exhausted, so I basically went right to bed.


We stayed at the Buena Vista Palace. There are 2 buildings and we were staying at the building towards the back. There are palm trees everywhere and a little bridge that crosses some water.


On Friday, my mom and I woke up to exercise. Then we got ready for the day. The quartet contest was on Friday so we went to the hall to watch the contest. There were a lot of quartets but it was a good contest. They chose the top 10 who would then compete in the finals Friday night.

After the afternoon contest, I went to Downtown Disney with the “kids” of the chorus to grab some dinner. I had never been to Downtown Disney, so I loved walking around and seeing everything, like the crazy lego structures.


We had dinner at Planet Hollywood. The food was yummy and the drinks were delicious!


I love how Downtown Disney was all decorated with lights everywhere. It was gorgeous.


 After dinner, we went back to watch the quartet finals. The quartets were so good! It was a great contest!

Saturday was the chorus contest. We got up and got ready to compete! The chorus met to rehearse a little then separated so everyone could get dressed in our sparkly teal tops and flowy pants. The contest was great. We all felt amazing after we sang. We watched the rest of the contest and waited patiently for the results.

We came in 3rd!!! And we were so close to 1st place. Amazing. It felt great and made it feel like it is really possible for us to win, very soon, like maybe next year?


Saturday night we had a pizza party for the chorus. Then we went to the showcase, where all of the medalists sing a song. We also took some fun photos with a Disney background. We took a bunch of “kid” photos, all the younger people who sing in the chorus. It was a fun night.


We stayed up late Saturday night, hanging out and singing. Sunday morning I was exhausted. I had to get up to get ready to leave. I got all packed up and ready. Before I left, we had breakfast with my stepbrother Sean and his girlfriend. They live in Orlando so I wanted to be able to spend a little time with them while I was down there. It was a nice breakfast but then I had to head out to the airport.

I got a window seat on the plane next to a nice older couple who were both reading on their Kindles. The sky was gorgeous when we were taking off and landing.


Dan picked me up at the airport and I was so ready to go home. It was a wonderful weekend but I was exhausted.

{So I got way busier over the weekend then I thought and didn’t end up having time to post. I’m hoping to get caught up on the last month of posting very soon. So please keep checking back.}

Hope everyone is having a great week!

going to a barbershop contest this weekend {in Montreal}

26 Apr
I don’t know how many of you have heard of barbershop singing. Most people think of the 4 men in a quartet with the hats and arm bands and big mustaches. Kind of like this….

However, real barbershop is not like that anymore. This weekend, I am driving up to Montreal with my mom and friend Sam for a women’s barbershop contest. My mom is the director of an amazing chorus called Sounds of the Seacoast. I just started singing with the chorus in January so this is my first contest singing with them!

This weekend is the Area contest, which is all of the quartets and choruses from our area, which basically includes New England and a few parts of Canada to the north of New England. Sounds of the Seacoast has won the area contest the past 2 years so hopefully we can win again! The chorus is very excited! Wish us luck! And I will definitely let you know how it goes!
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