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new year’s eve

28 Jan

This year we had a quiet night for New Year’s Eve. We had gone out 2 nights in a row the 2 nights  before New Year’s. We hung out at my mom’s house with my step-brother and his girlfriend and a couple of friends. We had some drinks, played some games, watched some stupid NYE TV, and took some crazy pictures {which just got crazier and crazier}.


We always have a ton of fun together. It was nice to just hang out by the wood stove and not have to worry about any crazy NYE plans.


In these pictures we were trying to pose like Fergie was for her entire hosting job. Did anyone else notice that? Our poses didn’t work out quite as well…


2012 was not a great year for me and I was looking forward to it being over. I was ready to welcome a new year with some new hope and new goals to look forward too. And I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in midnight with anyone else but my amazing hubby.


Did anyone do anything super fun for New Year’s or did you also have a kind of quiet night at home?


happy new year!

1 Jan

Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

I decided to share some of my favorite pictures from the past year. They are some favorite moments and favorite pictures. It was so hard to choose and I ended up with more than I thought. But that is ok. Hope you like them.

2012 was not a great year for me. It started off really crappy and didn’t get much better. I wasn’t that sad to see 2012 come to an end.

I’m hoping that 2013 will be much better.

Dan and I have been talking about resolutions and I thought I would share some with you guys.

I already posted about my running goal of 700 miles in one year. I started that one off right today by running a 5k, which I will post about later.

I’m planning on participating in the 365 Project and taking and posting a picture every day at 365project.org. You can follow me there if you’d like.

Dan and I decided that we need to watch TV less and actually get some more things done. We’re going to spend more time just listening to music and doing things around the apartment that we need to do.

I’m also going to get more serious about opening an Etsy shop. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over my vacation and I have some ideas. When my long term sub job is over at the beginning of March, I will have more time to concentrate on my crafts.

I am also planning on checking some more things off of my 30 by 30 list so we will see how that goes.

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year and that it continues to go wonderfully.

Happy New Year!

christmas trees with the family

27 Dec

Another tradition we have around the holidays is getting our Christmas tree. We always go with my mom and brother to pick out Christmas trees. I love this tradition. We go to the gorgeous tree farm in Madbury, NH. We wander around trying to find the perfect tree. They have sleds and saws that you can use and they also have hot apple cider for when you are finished in the cold. It is the perfect place.


My mom and step-dad get 2 trees, one for inside and one for outside.


Dan and I were looking for a skinny tree to fit in our apartment. We found one that looked great right away but, of course, we wanted to look around just to make sure. We went back to that first one. We usually end up getting one of the first trees we find.


After the tree farm, we went back to my mom’s for lunch. Then we went home to decorate our tree! Dan isn’t really into decorating so I do most of it on my own. I don’t mind though because I love doing it.


We have a mix of ornaments, some that we have bought together and some that I’ve gotten from my mom that she doesn’t want to use anymore. Dan and I try and buy at least one new ornament every year just to keep some new ones in the mix. Here are some of my favorite ornaments that we have. Some are new and some are old.


I love Christmas time. It took me a little time to get into the spirit this year, but going to pick out a tree and decorating our tree definitely helped.


wonderful words

19 Dec

Some Christmas quotes to get you through the week.

christmas cheer christmas in my heart christmas means a little more christmas quotes you want the moon merry and brightlove is whats in the room

Happy Wednesday!

do it yourself: crayon drip art pumpkin

29 Oct

I realize I haven’t blogged much in the past week or so. I tried to and then things came up. And then our internet wasn’t working well. And so on…

So here I am, ready to blog about my pumpkin. Dan and I both talked about getting pumpkins to carve. Then the day when we were actually going to go get pumpkins, neither of us felt like carving a pumpkin. So I decided to buy a white pumpkin so I could try something that I had seen. This awesome crayon drip art pumpkin by Alexa on The Swell Life that I found through Pinterest.

I thought it would be really fun and something different to try.

Dan and I went to Apple Crest Farms last weekend and I found a perfect little white pumpkin. We also picked up some apple cider and some delicious apple cider donuts…that were pretty much gone by the time we got home….Anyway, on to my pumpkin.

I brought the pumpkin home and decorated it that same afternoon.

I found a box of unused cheap crayons in one of my craft drawers. I began by peeling all of the labels off.

I decided to do this on the kitchen floor where I had plenty of space. I put a trash bag down on the floor because I knew there might be some splattering as the crayons melted.

I started trying to lay the crayons on top of the pumpkin and discovered that they were too long so I broke the ends off the crayons. Then they were rolling off so I used a little dab of super glue to hold them all on the top of the pumpkin.

I used my hair dryer on hot and high. I tried medium but it didn’t really seem to be working well. There was some splattering but most of it stayed right on the trash bag. {ps. don’t mind my comfy clothes. Dan came over and decided to snap some pictures while I was in the middle of doing this}

Some of the crayons melted really well and others didn’t really do so well. It was kind of weird. But I just went with it and tried to heat them evenly.

I think it turned out really cool. Some of the colors show up better than other colors and some are more chunky. But I really love it.

This was something completely different from carving an orange pumpkin and I’m glad I did something different this year. Now if only we had a porch that I could put this out on…..Maybe next year.

Did anyone else do anything different this year?

summer fun {fireworks on the boat}

1 Aug


I absolutely love fireworks. I could watch them every single day of the year. Unfortunately, there are only so many times a year that there are fireworks to watch. On the 4th of July, I try my best to see the fireworks every year. The past few years we have been going out on my mom and step-dad’s boat to watch them from the river. I think this makes the experience just that much better.
This year, we got a bunch of people to go and it was fabulous. We watched the fireworks over a beautiful view of downtown Portsmouth. It made for some beautiful pictures.

There are a few people missing from our group but I love these people and it was great all going out on the boat together.

All in all, it ended up being a fun 4th of July. And hopefully there are many more fireworks to come.


Valentine’s Day {DIY wreath}

16 Feb

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I know this post is a little late but I got sick on Valentine’s day and stayed home sick yesterday so I just didn’t feel up to posting anything.

I had been working on my wreath for a little while and finally finished it Monday night….just in time, right?

Well here it is.

I used pipe insulation from the hardware store and wrapped 2 layers of yarn around it. I found some cute ribbon and accessories at Michael’s and only added a few on.

What do you think??

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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