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Hurricane Irene

29 Aug

So Hurricane Irene came up the east coast and was supposed to be awful and hit us hard. By the time it got up to the NH coast, there wasn’t much left. Everyone was running around getting supplies. We even loaded up on water and flashlights in case the power went out.

Here on the coast, it rained and was windy. But that was about it.

Even still, Dan and I wanted to go check out the ocean 5 minutes away from us and see how crazy the waves were.

ocean during Hurricane Irene

And, like I said, it was pretty windy….

I know people who are more south had it much worse. And people who are more inland too. People lost power and I’m sure there are many who haven’t gotten power back yet. I hope all those people are doing well and I hope they get their power back soon. I’m thankful that nothing bad happened here and we didn’t lose power.

Now, if only school hadn’t been closed today so I could go in to get ready for the kids to come tomorrow…..

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