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photo friday

5 Oct
I didn’t do a photo friday post last week because I had no pictures to post. I haven’t been taking as many pictures with school and we haven’t really been doing much.
Anyway, here are my photos from this week!

crazy fall clouds

beautiful blue skies in the morning

rain in the evening

a princess twist from my favorite ice cream place Golick’s

finally a sunny day after all the rain

beautiful fall day

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a fabulous week!
Dan and I are relaxing tonight before our super full long weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

photo friday

29 Jun

my favorite ice cream place Golicks.

photo friday

22 Jun

beautiful day for my friend’s wedding

our seating card and my beautiful bouquet

teal dress and lime green nails.

first beach day

walk on the beach with the hubby to cool down from a 90+ degree day

ice cream for dinner!


Long Weekend Fun

11 Oct

So I have been somewhat absent from the blog for a little while. I was sick last week and busy for the long weekend. But I’m back!

On Saturday we went to the chili fest with a couple friends. The weather was gorgeous. The chili wasn’t that good.

We had to rent these huge spoons for $1 to eat the chili then return them at the end for our $1 back. Couldn’t get smaller spoons??

After the chili fest, we decided to walk around Portsmouth for a bit, grab a drink somewhere, and grab some ice cream. It was a wonderful afternoon with some wonderful friends.

When we got home, Dan and I decided to go for a walk on the beach since it was so nice out. It had been a while since we’d gone for a beach walk. It was gorgeous.

Sunday we met my best friend, who lives over an hour away, for lunch. We also walked around the mall for a bit. Love being able to see her. ❤

The rest of the weekend was spent doing things around the apartment….some cleaning and some work. It was a great weekend overall.

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