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Rainy Day

7 Sep

The past couple days have been so rainy and gray and blah. On days like this, I want to just stay in bed in my PJ’s and watch trash TV all day. But, obviously I have to work. So….at least I can throw my sweats on when I get home.

I decided to take some pictures of the classroom today. I know it isn’t really my classroom, but I want to remember it in the future as my first real teaching experience.

I also received a beautiful wedding invitation to my cousin’s wedding today. It is in October and it is in Italy. I so wish I could go. But, after getting married and going on a honeymoon this year, a trip to Italy just cannot happen. I’m super sad about it. I was really excited to get the invitation today though. It isĀ  gorgeous and brightened up the rainy day.

Beautiful, right?

And I finally stopped by the library today to get a library card.

This is kind of a random post but my mind is kind of random sometimes so it fits. Enjoy.


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