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summer fun {labor day weekend family time}

15 Sep


Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer. To celebrate, we went over to my mom’s to have dinner, go on a boat ride, and sit around the fire pit. It was just us, my brother, my mom and my step-dad. It was a fabulous way to end the summer.
We were afraid that it might rain while we were out on the boat but it never did.

The weather did make for fantastic clouds in the sky though.

When we got back to the house, we lit a fire in the fire pit. And of course we had to toast some marshmallows and make some s’mores.. What would the end of summer be without that. Dan made his s’more with a huge reese’s peanut butter cup.
There was a beautiful sunset to end the night. It was a pretty perfect day with the fam.

p.s. I’m all caught up on my posts!! Now I will try my best to post right after things happen so I don’t get so far behind.




End of Summer Party

3 Sep

This summer ended up being super busy and we weren’t able to hang out with our usual group of friends very often. Now that the summer is ending and school is starting and everyone is starting to get busier again, I decided that it would be nice to get everyone together during the holiday weekend to celebrate the end of summer. It was such a blast! I am so glad we were able to all get together.

Renee, Hillary, Sam, and I

glow chalk.

my brother's awesome gf, me, and my cousin

my little brother and I

love shack!

fire pit.

apples to apples.

group shot

crazy group shot.

We dressed up, used glow chalk, had some drinks, sat around the fire, had s’mores and snacks, hung out in our love shack, played apples to apples, had a little dance party, and took some group pictures. I think it was one of the best nights we’ve had!

I love all of these people. They are most of my favorite people (a few are missing due to living far away…) and it was amazing to be all together and have so much fun. ❤

One week down…

1 Sep

So my first week of real live teaching is over. And it went really well, I think anyway. It was a short week, with only 3 days with students, but it was definitely a good start to the year. Most of the kids in my class seem really good and there are only a few that seem like they might be somewhat of a handful. And I found out one of my students, who hasn’t been here all week, transferred to another school. So now I have 18 students, which I think is a pretty good number.

I already know all of their names too! And I have another class for one period of science during the day and I know most of their names too. I feel really good about myself and how the year is going so far. Which makes me feel good about the next 4 months of teaching.

I ended the week with a drink date with some of my girls who are also teachers in a different district. It was a great end to the week.

Now we have a 4 day weekend for Labor Day and I have a few amazing plans, including an end of summer party with most of my favorite people and celebrating our 3 month wedding anniversary, and I am super excited! I can’t wait to share my amazing holiday weekend. And I hope all of you have an amazing weekend as well!

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