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photo challenge {day 23 – 26}

27 Mar
So I have been slacking on posting my pictures from the photo challenge. So here is my catch up post.
day 23 – moon
It is a new moon so I haven’t been able to see the moon. So when I could see it, the picture didn’t come out so well…

day 24 – an animal
This is Dan’s sister’s cat. We were in NY for the weekend.

day 25 – breakfast
I had cereal for breakfast…..but these peeps were just sitting there and no one else was eating them….so I may have had one after my cereal…

day 26 – key
This is where we hang our keys by the door.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

photo challenge {day 26 – night}

26 Feb

the moon and a little sunset

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