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new year’s eve

28 Jan

This year we had a quiet night for New Year’s Eve. We had gone out 2 nights in a row the 2 nights  before New Year’s. We hung out at my mom’s house with my step-brother and his girlfriend and a couple of friends. We had some drinks, played some games, watched some stupid NYE TV, and took some crazy pictures {which just got crazier and crazier}.


We always have a ton of fun together. It was nice to just hang out by the wood stove and not have to worry about any crazy NYE plans.


In these pictures we were trying to pose like Fergie was for her entire hosting job. Did anyone else notice that? Our poses didn’t work out quite as well…


2012 was not a great year for me and I was looking forward to it being over. I was ready to welcome a new year with some new hope and new goals to look forward too. And I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in midnight with anyone else but my amazing hubby.


Did anyone do anything super fun for New Year’s or did you also have a kind of quiet night at home?


new year’s eve {plus a night out}

5 Jan

So my wonderful stepbrother, Sean, came up from Florida to visit for the weekend. It was last minute but I’m so glad he could make it up. It made my vacation week just that much better.

So he came up Friday and we decided to go out for some drinks Friday night. I’m pretty sure it was one of the craziest nights out I’ve had….ever…but it was super fun.

Saturday night was New Year’s Eve and we had a little party at my mom’s, which was also super fun. 

Overall, I didn’t get much sleep the whole weekend but it was totally worth it because it was fabulous to have everyone together. ❤


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