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hiking {mt. major}

14 Aug


A few weeks ago Dan and I went hiking with our good friends Chrystal and Jason. Dan was going to go hiking in the morning and we were going to hang out with them later in the day but we decided to all go hiking together instead.
We met up at the mountain and got ready to hike up Mt. Major. It turned out to be a beautiful day for hiking.

I was a little worried about hiking because the last time we went I had a little bit of a hard time. I actually felt really good hiking and I think it was because how much I had been running. It made me feel great.
When we got to the top, there was a beautiful view with fantastic puffy white clouds. I think the view at the top makes the whole hike worth it. Otherwise, what is the point??

We took some group pictures at the top. It was really fun hiking with Chrystal and Jason. We have all been working out and trying to lose weight so it was nice doing something so athletic all together.

After the hike, we changed into some less sweaty clothes and grabbed some food. After lunch, we went mini golfing and we had a blast.

It was a fantastic, beautiful, summer day spent with wonderful friends.


memorial day weekend {saturday}

30 May
On Saturday, Dan and  I decided to do some hiking. He was planning on going on a huge hike but his knee was bothering him so he decided not to go. So we went on a smaller hike that is only about 45 minutes away. It was kind of hot out but it was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun and saw some beautiful views.

There was a huge pond that had a big beaver dam.

We also came across a boulder field. It was kind of crazy how many enormous boulders there were in one area.

It was a great afternoon spent with the hubby.

hiking {mt. monadnock}

12 Apr
So I think this hiking thing might just become a regular event for Dan and I. Which I guess is ok…..because I really do like the view from the top.
So this past weekend Dan and I went hiking on Mt. Monadnock. We tried going when we were in college but I couldn’t do it and we had to turn around. So I am proud of myself that I made it all the way up this time, with limited complaining…and it was really cold at the top. And windy. But we still had a good time.

hiking {mt major}

10 Apr
Dan loves hiking. I like the idea of hiking but the actual act of hiking…I could take it or leave it. However, I let him drag me up a mountain from time to time…which I think will probably be happening more often now that it is getting warmer again.
So last weekend, on the 31st, we went for a hike on Mt. Major. It is about an hour or so north of where we live.

I always feel like I’m dying on the way up but I enjoy the view from the top. It was a pretty cloudy day, but still a pretty view.


So I think there will be more hikes to come and I will be sure to share with all of you.
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