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summer fun {hanging out at mom’s}

31 Jul


The day after the big McCoole bash, all the boys went to play golf. So I decided to head over to my mom’s just to hang out. I brought my book and chilled out on their hammock, which is under their dock. I read, relaxed, and even dozed off for a little bit. I got to watch the air show a second time from the hammock. It was amazing.
The sky looked absolutely amazing later in the afternoon so I of course snapped some pictures.

I absolutely love the view from my mom’s house. It is right on the Piscataqua River and it is beautiful.
We have a huge bag of Legos from when my brother and I were little. It was out from the party the day before, so of course my mom and I decided to play with the Legos. What else would we do. We sat on their front deck and built some houses. It was fabulous. And of course my mom was very proud of her pirate house.

It was a nice relaxing afternoon chillin out with my mom.


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