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celebrating christmas

22 Jan

{ok ok ok…I know I keep saying how things are getting crazy and how I’m going to catch up on posting but than I’m not catching up. I feel like I just keep making excuses. I don’t really know what is going on….I feel like my blogging motivation has been pretty low since before Christmas. I’m not sure why but I’m hoping I can get better again starting now. I really appreciate everyone out there who is still reading my blog}

I know this post is late but I want to tell you about our Christmas. It was a pretty quiet day but it was a really great day, better than I thought it would be. I knew Christmas was going to be really hard this year without my grandmother. It definitely was, but I think our family did a great job of just getting together and loving one another.

Dan and I started out the day with stockings. We decided not to do presents because we don’t have a lot of money but thought stockings would be fun. Dan did a great job with my stocking! Lots of yummy things and practical things because that is just who Dan is and I love it.


We got ready for the day and headed over to my step-grandmother Barbara’s house for some snacks. Some of my step-dad’s siblings were there. We hung out for a bit and had some yummy food.

After that, we went over to my grandfather’s house for the rest of the day.

The house was warm and cozy and felt right for Christmas. For the past few years, we have been doing our family Christmas on a day other than Christmas so that everyone can be there. I’m so glad that we were able to all get together on Christmas this year because I think it made it easier.

We had lots of presents under the tree.


Our family is definitely a present opening family. As soon as everyone was together, we decided to dive right in to the presents. I was nominated to be Santa so I passed out all of the presents. Our tradition is to do one present at a time so that everyone can see what everyone else is getting. It is my favorite way to open presents.

My mom and I both made Shutterfly books for everyone. She made books of just us 4 cousins with pictures of us throughout the years. I made books of just the 4 of us with DeDe, my grandmother. I think everyone loved both of the books.

When the presents were done, we just spent some time relaxing, listening to Ryan play some songs on the guitar. We also ate some delicious food.


Julia and I also went through my grandmother’s jewelry so we could decide what we would like to keep and what we didn’t want. It made me sad but felt good to go through some things.

I made my brother and cousin put on their presents so I could get some pictures of them. Yay T-Rex!


I love spending time with these people. With the exception of Joe, we all live pretty close to each other but I still don’t feel like I see them very often. Life gets so crazy. I wanted to make sure we got some family shots before we all headed home.

Love my little brother. He is one amazing person.


And of course we had to get some with Bubby.


For a day I thought was going to be so hard was actually really nice and relaxing. It was a great way to spend Christmas. As much as I miss DeDe, I’m so glad I still get to spend Christmas with these crazy people.



photo friday

28 Dec
I went to Great Island Common for my grandmother's birthday

I went to Great Island Common for my grandmother’s birthday

new hair cut

new hair cut

early christmas present from Dan

early christmas present from Dan

stocking stuff from the hubby

stocking stuff from the hubby

snow on christmas!

snow on christmas!

christmas eve at my aunt and uncle's

christmas eve at my aunt and uncle’s

christmas day at my step-gram's

christmas day at my step-gram’s

acoustic performance by my brother

acoustic performance by my brother

christmas day at my grandfather's

christmas day at my grandfather’s


a gift from my cousin - a picture she drew a long time ago

a gift from my cousin – a picture she drew a long time ago

one of my favorite presents from my mom - a book all about the cousins

one of my favorite presents from my mom – a book all about the cousins

doing some jewelry organizing

doing some jewelry organizing

tons of rain when we were supposed to be getting snow

tons of rain when we were supposed to be getting snow

Happy Weekend!

photo sunday

16 Dec

I realized that I never did a photo friday post on Friday. I was so exhausted when I got home and Dan and I went to the store when he got home and I spent the rest of the night on the couch. And yesterday was really busy also. So here is my photo post. However, I only took 2 photos last week. I have vowed to myself to get back into taking more photos, even when I’m not doing anything specific. More photos of day to day life.


wrapping presents

went to see Plaid Tidings at Seacoast Rep

went to see Plaid Tidings at Seacoast Rep

Hope everyone is having/had a great weekend!

free download {holiday gift tags}

13 Dec

Thanks to Pinterest, I found this whole roundup of free holiday gift tags {found here}. There are a lot of really amazing ones so I thought I would share with all of you.

Here are some of my favorites.

from lemon squeezy

from lemon squeezy

from love vs. design

from love vs. design

from hey look

from hey look


I’ve been starting to wrap presents so I definitely am in need of some fantastic holiday gift tags! Hope you love them as much as I do!

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