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photo friday

25 Jan

IMG_20130119_165201 IMG_20130122_162207 IMG_20130123_073614 IMG_20130122_162036

I didn’t take too many pictures this week. It just didn’t happen. I am still doing the 365project and trying to take a picture every day. I need to get better at it.

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!

photo friday

10 Nov

The in-laws are up for the weekend and we had dinner with them last night so I didn’t have a chance to post these photos last night. So here are my instagram photos from the week.

went to a craft fair with my mom.

beautiful day

this was taken at 5:15. way too early to be dark.

election day

new diy project. will post about it soon.

first snow fall of the year

Happy weekend!

photo friday

2 Nov

Happy Friday everyone!

went to see The Woman in Black with my grandfather and cousin. my grandfather always brings me necco wafers as a snack. love it.

the beach during hurricane sandy

crazy amounts of seafoam

moon in the morning

beautiful sky

quick sunset walk on the beach with the hubby

close up of the sand

I, for one, am so glad it is Friday. I am absolutely exhausted tonight. Even though we had a short week this week, it sure felt long.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

photo friday

21 Sep


DeDe’s signature on the pink fire truck

beautiful sky when the clouds parted


seagull wandering on the beach

scarf weather

Happy Friday everyone!

photo friday

7 Sep
my week in photos

seagull at the beach

sandy feet

hike with the hubby

beautiful tree lined trail

top of North Mountain

boat ride out on the river

crazy sky at my mom’s

perfect ending to summer

toasting marshmallows


beautiful sky on my way into work

Happy Friday!

photo friday

24 Aug
here are the photos from my week

sunset in downtown Portsmouth

willy wonka in Prescott Park

walkway at the beach


cloudy morning


early morning sun before a run

sun in the morning

crazy clouds

seagull on the beach


the beach


amazing sky


all the essentials for a beach day

I’m a couple days behind on my photo a day challenge so I’m not going to post any this week.
Happy Friday!

summer fun {hanging out at mom’s}

31 Jul


The day after the big McCoole bash, all the boys went to play golf. So I decided to head over to my mom’s just to hang out. I brought my book and chilled out on their hammock, which is under their dock. I read, relaxed, and even dozed off for a little bit. I got to watch the air show a second time from the hammock. It was amazing.
The sky looked absolutely amazing later in the afternoon so I of course snapped some pictures.

I absolutely love the view from my mom’s house. It is right on the Piscataqua River and it is beautiful.
We have a huge bag of Legos from when my brother and I were little. It was out from the party the day before, so of course my mom and I decided to play with the Legos. What else would we do. We sat on their front deck and built some houses. It was fabulous. And of course my mom was very proud of her pirate house.

It was a nice relaxing afternoon chillin out with my mom.


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