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sunrise {at the beach}

20 Sep


You know those days when it is the only morning of the whole week where you can actually sleep in…and your stupid body wakes you up early anyway? Well, Sunday was one of those days for Dan and I. We both got up and he suggested we go down to the beach quick and watch the sunrise. It was perfect timing. And the sunrise was beautiful.

I guess sometimes it is worth it to get up early on the only day you would be able to sleep in. The world is pretty amazing sometimes.


memorial day weekend {sunday}

31 May
On Sunday Dan and I went over to my mom’s house. Dan went to help my step dad install speakers in their amazing new boat. I just kind of hung out and took some pictures around my mom’s house. She has beautiful gardens with all kinds of flowers. I love pictures of flowers. Here is a taste of the pictures I took.

They live right on the Piscataqua River and there is a little beach across the street  from their house where I love to sit and relax.

Once the speakers were ready, we decided to take a little ride on the boat. It was gorgeous.

This is my mom’s cute dog Bailey. Love her.

Fall Fun!

25 Oct

On Sunday, we met up with a couple friends to go pumpkin and apple picking! I love doing seasonal things that are fun and don’t cost too much. I also love spending time with friends.

The girls. ❤

So the pumpkin picking was a tad disappointing because it wasn’t exactly a pumpkin patch. And there weren’t too many to choose from….We found some good ones though.

Pumpkin “Patch”

We rode on a wagon hooked to a tractor to go out to the apples we wanted. We walked to the far end of the orchard, walked through some mud, and found the apples.

The perfect apple.

Then we came back on the tractor and went to the market to get some apple cider. And…I also picked up a whoopie pie because it looked delicious and I cannot say no to whoopie pies. It was a fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning in the fall.

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