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christmas trees with the family

27 Dec

Another tradition we have around the holidays is getting our Christmas tree. We always go with my mom and brother to pick out Christmas trees. I love this tradition. We go to the gorgeous tree farm in Madbury, NH. We wander around trying to find the perfect tree. They have sleds and saws that you can use and they also have hot apple cider for when you are finished in the cold. It is the perfect place.


My mom and step-dad get 2 trees, one for inside and one for outside.


Dan and I were looking for a skinny tree to fit in our apartment. We found one that looked great right away but, of course, we wanted to look around just to make sure. We went back to that first one. We usually end up getting one of the first trees we find.


After the tree farm, we went back to my mom’s for lunch. Then we went home to decorate our tree! Dan isn’t really into decorating so I do most of it on my own. I don’t mind though because I love doing it.


We have a mix of ornaments, some that we have bought together and some that I’ve gotten from my mom that she doesn’t want to use anymore. Dan and I try and buy at least one new ornament every year just to keep some new ones in the mix. Here are some of my favorite ornaments that we have. Some are new and some are old.


I love Christmas time. It took me a little time to get into the spirit this year, but going to pick out a tree and decorating our tree definitely helped.


christmas parade and family time

27 Dec

I am currently on vacation from school so I’m going to try and catch up on some posts.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, my mom’s side of the family always gets together. We go to the Christmas parade in Dover and eat and spend time together. This year was no different. The only person who couldn’t be there was my cousin Joe because he had to head back to school in West Virginia.

We all got to my grandfather’s house and hung out for a little bit. Then we got bundled up and went to stand in our usual spot to watch the parade. The parade seemed shorter this year but we still had fun. And Santa was great. This parade always has a great Santa at the end.


On our walk back to the car, we decided to take a little detour. My grandparents used to live right by this museum with a cannon outside. We always used to climb on the cannon and we would pretend that we were shooting off somewhere amazing. We walked right by so we decided to recreate our climbing. It was a little harder now that we’re a little older but it was still fun and we laughed like crazy.


After our little detour, we went back to my grandfather’s to decorate the tree and eat some food. My mom always puts the lights on the tree, because she is amazing at it.


Then my cousin Julia and I always do the ornaments. The boys never want to help decorate. We always have a lot of fun with it.

Picture3This was a little harder this year because my grandmother wasn’t around and she always helped us with the decorating. We decided to do the angel for the top of the tree together.


We wanted to make sure we got some family pictures of everyone together. I wish Joe had been there but we still got some amazing pictures. We set the timer on our camera so everyone could be in the pictures. My grandfather is sitting right in the center and his face never changes, even with all the craziness going on around him. I love our family.


This year is definitely a lot harder not having my grandmother around, but I feel like it has brought our family closer together. We’re making sure to take even more pictures and spend even more time together. These are some of my favorite people in the whole world and I’m so lucky to be able to spend so much of my time with them and to call them family.


photo friday

30 Nov

my hubby and i with our super cute niece


pretty morning

cold but beautiful day

cold but beautiful day

it was snowing on our way home

it was snowing on our way home

making dede's cookies for our family day

making dede’s cookies for our family day

from where we stand watching the parade

from where we stand watching the parade



decorating my grandfather's {fake} christmas tree

decorating my grandfather’s {fake} christmas tree

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

an ornament of a sewing lady that reminds me of my grandmother

I don’t know about you guys but I am so so so happy that it is Friday. And I’m also so so so happy that we don’t really have many plans this weekend. I’m hoping I can rest my voice so that, come Monday, talking at school won’t be so hard. And we’re getting our christmas tree on Sunday which I am also so excited about!! Yay!

Happy weekend!!

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