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pcrrs {resolution run 5k}

11 Feb

I posted a while ago about participating in a road race series, the Portsmouth Community Road Race Series, that has 5k runs all around Portsmouth. The first run was the Resolution 5k on January 1. It was a good way to start the year. I was a little behind on my running so I didn’t do that great. It was cold and I didn’t run the entire thing. I walked a few times at about a minute each time. I know my race times can only get better from there. 

We ran it with our friend Renee. Our friend Hillary was also supposed to run the race but she hurt her leg snowboarding the week before, so she just took pictures.


I carried her number in my pocket….which is kind of cheating but we were ok with that. And she was ok with the fact that she wouldn’t get a very good time.

We were all bundled up and ready to go on the cold but sunny morning.


I was exhausted after the run. And my leg was really hurting. But I was proud of my time and I know I will get better throughout the year. Renee and Dan both finished before I did so they were waiting for me at the finish line.


The next race in the series is towards the end of April so I have plenty of time to get better again. I’m starting a new running plan this week. I’m doing a 5k plan first to get myself back up to where I was and then I will do a 10k plan to try and get my runs longer. I would love to be able to run 4 or 5 miles as a regular run.

I definitely haven’t been running as much as I was hoping so far this year. My running goal isn’t going so well but I’m hoping this plan will get me back on track.


running goal for 2013

29 Dec

I already posted about the race series that we are participating in for next year. The first race is on the 1st, which is Tuesday, and I know it is going to be awful. It is going to be cold and I am no where near able to run 3 miles anymore.

I decided that, since I will be training for 5k’s all through the year, that I would set a running goal for myself. I was thinking about it and talking with Dan about how many miles I could give myself as a goal. 1,000 seems too overwhelming for me right now and 500 seems a little low.

I decided to give myself a goal of running 700 miles in 2013.

This makes me a little nervous but I know I can do it. 700 miles in the whole year equals out to about 60 miles a month, or about 15 miles a week. I think I will use the monthly goal of 60 miles to keep myself on track.

I hope this goal keeps me on track. I also am hoping to lose a little more weight and become healthier in 2013 so I think this goal with help with that.

I will keep the blog updated occasionally on my progress throughout the year.


Is anyone else giving themselves a running goal? Or an exercise goal?


30 by 30 {run the bcs 5k}

15 Sep


Today was the day. Today was the 5k that I have been training so hard for. In May I could barely run 3 minutes. Today I ran the entire 5k without stopping in a little under 30 minutes! I was so proud of myself.
We put together a team to run in honor of my grandmother, DeDe, who passed away in February from breast cancer. So we made Team DeDe. There were 8 fabulous people running for the team.

The whole team finished in 40 minutes or under! I am so proud of everyone because everyone has been working so hard. We killed it!

We were all sweaty when we were done but so excited for each other in accomplishing everything we did.

There is a big pink fire truck that comes to certain events. You can sign the truck in remembrance of people or in celebration or for whatever reason you want. DeDe signed the truck last year, right on the gas cap door, and we all signed around it.

I’m so glad everyone was able to make it to run with the team. It meant a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to my mom to have us all there.

It was supposed to rain this morning and there was a big line of rain coming right towards us. Right before the race started, the line broke right in the middle, right where we were. I know it was DeDe giving us some good weather for the race. It ended up being a beautiful day.

I love all of these people and I’m so glad that we were all able to run the race for such a good cause. It is an amazing feeling to accomplish so much and do it with my favorite people.
I miss DeDe every day and I am proud to do something like this in her honor. I know she is proud of me.



5k {one week left to go}

9 Sep


I have one week from yesterday until the 5k. I cannot believe that I have been training since May and there is only 1 week left. I can’t believe it is so close.

I barely ran this past week. I ran on Sunday and I was able to run the full distance of a 5k in just over 30 minutes. I was so excited that I did that. On Monday I ran again and ran the full 5k distance with only stopping to walk for 1 minute in the middle. I was so proud of myself! Especially doing it 2 days in a row.
Then I didn’t run again until today. I was so exhausted all week from school that all I wanted to do when I got home was change into PJs and relax on the couch. I was fighting to say awake by 8 pm every night. Not good for keeping up with running.
Yesterday I was busy all day with my chorus so I didn’t have time.
I did go running this morning. It felt good to get out again. I ran the full 5k distance with only stopping for 1 minute to walk in the middle. I was surprised I did so well after not running for almost a whole week. I felt great!
I’m definitely going to try and run as much as I can this week so I can be ready for Saturday!


5k {two weeks to go}

1 Sep
I cannot believe it is already September. What happened???

There are only 2 weeks until the 5k. 2 weeks from now, I will be finished running the 5k.
I didn’t run that much this week because school started and I was so exhausted. I ran Wednesday night and yesterday morning because I didn’t have to work. Wednesday night I had really bad abdominal cramps the entire time. Probably because I didn’t drink enough water. Yesterday I felt really good though. My shins felt good and I didn’t have any cramps. Towards the end though, my left calf kind of started hurting like my right one did a few weeks ago. I feel like I just can’t catch a break.
Today we’re hiking but I’m planning on running tomorrow and Monday while I’m off. Hopefully I can also fit some runs in during the week even with school.
Hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend!!

5k {three weeks to go}

28 Aug


I know I am a little bit behind on this post. It is actually 3 weeks from this past Saturday. So I guess it is actually about 2 1/2 weeks away. Holy Cow.
I cannot believe it is so close.
The past week has been kind of crazy. I was starting work at Seabrook Middle again. I had a training on Wednesday and a completely full day of work Thursday.
I ran 5 times last week, including this past Sunday. My shins were hurting me a lot. Again. So frustrating because I feel like I just can’t catch a break. I ran on Sunday.
Dan wanted to do some hill workouts so he wanted to run Mt. Agamenticus. No thank you. I went with him and just ran on the road, which was a little hilly. Definitely more hilly than I am used to. However, I had read online that sometimes if you lean too far forward while you’re running, that can hurt your shins. On Sunday I tried to lean back and it really helped. They were a little sore but it definitely felt better. I ran a total of 2.47 miles in 25 minutes. It felt so good. It made me feel better that maybe I won’t be in so much pain up until the 5k.
I haven’t run since Sunday. I plan on going again tomorrow and I am definitely going to keep up the training.
Hope everyone is having a good week!


5k {four weeks to go}

18 Aug


I have four weeks left until I run the 5k. I have been running this past week but haven’t been able to go very far. Taking that week off really threw my training off. I have been having a lot of trouble breathing but I’m trying to get back into it. And this morning my left shin started hurting. I feel like I just can’t catch a break with my legs hurting. I have decided that starting this week, whenever I have time, I have to run a 3ish mile loop so I can get used to that distance and really get a feel for it. I think that will help me get ready for the 5k.
Tomorrow morning we’re going to go check out the actual 5k course just to see how it is. We’re going to jog it/walk it to get a feel for it. I think that will also help me get ready just so I know what to expect.
I have set up a 5k team and no one else has signed up for the race yet so as of right now I am on a team by myself. I know everyone else will be signing up and I sent an email reminder out today. Hopefully that will help.
I also set up my donation page because I want to try and raise some money to help my mom’s organization. We will see how that goes. If any of you would like to donate to a really great cause, you can check out this link: http://www.active.com/donate/2012celebratepink/BBard. I would really appreciate any help.
I’m going to keep running as much as I can because I really want to be able to run the entire 5k. I’m going to keep it up and do the best I can for the next 4 weeks.


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