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fall fun {columbus day weekend}

16 Oct

Columbus Day weekend was last weekend. We had a long weekend and it was crazy busy. We, of course, filled pretty much every minute of the weekend up because that is just what we do.

Friday night we relaxed because we knew we had a busy weekend ahead.

Saturday morning started out bright and early with us heading to Dover for Dan to run a 5k. After the 5k, we walked around the Apple Harvest Festival, which was crazy packed, even at 10am.

From there, we headed home so Dan could shower. Then we went right back out to meet up with some friends at the Portsmouth BrewFest. A bunch of breweries all come together so people can taste all of their beers. There were so many breweries and beers and people. It was crazy. I’m not really a beer drinker at all but I did try a few and ended up liking at least 1. It ended up being really warm but it was a blast hanging out with some faves.

After the BrewFest, Dan and I left so we could drive right to New York for a wedding on Sunday. When we got to the hotel, we hung out with the bride and groom and a few of their friends before we needed to go to bed because we were exhausted.

The wedding wasn’t until the afternoon on Sunday, so we decided to use our time in Plattsburgh and go to Ausable Chasm. It is this really cool place with about 5 miles of trails. Some go right along the chasm, which is what we mostly walked. I loved being right there on the small stone pathways and hearing the water rushing by.

There was also a trail that went down to a dry chasm. There was beautiful foliage throughout the trail.

At the end of all the trails, there was a big bridge that gave a fantastic view of the waterfall.

After Ausable Chasm, we went back to the hotel room to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was for one of our friends from college. They live in North Carolina and we barely ever get to see them so it was really great to be able to celebrate with them on their wedding day.

The ceremony was in a beautiful ivy covered chapel. It was gorgeous inside and out. The reception was at a hall down the road and there was delicious food and good music.

After the 2 busy days we had already had, we were exhausted. We took our time getting ready Monday morning then headed out of NY to come home. The sky was amazing when we took the ferry from NY to VT. I had to take some pictures.

We were going to do a little hiking on our way home but it just didn’t work out how we thought. We did do some leaf peeping though. The foliage was gorgeous.

We found this really amazing little area with a curvy road and tons of yellowy trees. So beautiful. There were tons of people there but I managed to take some good pictures.

Driving down the road a little further, we got a view of some mountains. And there was snow on them. SNOW. I am not ready for that.

All in all, it was a really great weekend full of a ton of fun, crazy, and amazing activities. And we were exhausted when we got home. I went to bed early Monday and Tuesday night. But it was worth it.



photo friday

12 Oct

sunset over the marsh


foliage over the river

ausable chasm in plattsburgh, ny

ausable chasm

waterfall at ausable chasm

beautiful wedding at a beautiful ivy covered chapel

amazing sky during our ferry ride

leaf peeping

morning clouds

Happy Friday!

photo friday

17 Aug

view from our table at a wedding reception


heart rock I found at the wedding

Dan and I down on the beach during the reception


heading up the trail on our hike on Sunday

the view from the top of mount moosilauke


the sky before Dan went sky diving

wandering around Providence, RI after Dan went sky diving


river walk in Providence

art display for 9.11


early morning run with Dan

my photo a day challenge photos for the past week

day 11 – purple

day 12 – spoon


day 13 – simple


day 14 – arrow

day 15 – ready


day 16 – food

Happy Friday!

Renee’s wedding

24 Jul


I feel like I’m very behind on posts of things that have been going on which I think is overwhelming me and putting me even farther behind. So I’m just going to start from where I left off and hopefully catch up to where I am now soon.
My wonderful friend Renee got married on June 17th. It was a gorgeous day in York, ME and I’m so happy that I was able to be a part of her big day.
The rehearsal and dinner was Friday night. We had a quick rehearsal and a delicious dinner at the Union Bluff. It was a fabulous night.

Saturday we got our nails done and then the girls spent the night at the Stage Neck Inn, where the wedding was taking place. It was really fun spending the night. We chatted, listened to some music, wandered around the Stage Neck, and went to bed pretty early. Renee almost decided to sleep under her dress…

The next morning we woke up, went down to the buffet and brought some breakfast back to the room, and started to get ready. Renee’s hair dressers came to the room to do our hair.

Renee’s mom also came to the room to hang out with us while we were getting ready.

When the time was right, we headed down for the ceremony. It was a gorgeous day by the ocean. Renee looked so amazing in her dress. The ceremony was beautiful and you could tell how happy they both were. It was perfect.

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour while we went and did pictures with the photographers. Then the reception started. It was a gorgeous space with tons of windows facing the ocean. We were all announced into the reception and Renee and Brandon went right into their first dance.

The reception was lots of fun. The flowers were so beautiful. Their cake had super cute polka dots on it and after they cut it, Renee ran away with it looking like she was going to eat the entire thing. And they had whoopie pies as their favors! They were so delicious. I think I ended up taking about 4 home.

After the reception ended at 4, we went up the road a little to a bar for an after party. It was fun just hanging out at the bar with all the important people from the wedding.

I was so happy that Renee wanted me to be a part of her wedding. I loved helping her put some things together and I loved being there for her on her big day. It was a blast. I know we will be friends for a very long time and I am so glad.



photo friday

22 Jun

beautiful day for my friend’s wedding

our seating card and my beautiful bouquet

teal dress and lime green nails.

first beach day

walk on the beach with the hubby to cool down from a 90+ degree day

ice cream for dinner!


wedding pictures {details}

9 Jun
Here are the details from our big day. I made a lot of the items we used for our wedding and I’m really proud about how everything turned out. I think overall it looked bright and summery and fun and simple, which is what I was going for.

I think that is all the pictures I have to share from our wedding. It was a wonderful day and it was our perfect wedding day.


wedding pictures {reception}

8 Jun
We wanted to have our reception be a big party. We wanted everyone to have delicious food, listen to great music, and just have fun. I think we accomplished just that. Our only issue was that it was a bit chilly and people were staying outside the tent to be in the sun. But it was still a great time.
We went right into the first dance when we came into the reception.

Then we had the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance.

After the dances and the speeches, everyone ate some delicious barbecue food. Then we wondered around to say to everyone and then cut the cake so we could get the party started.

After the cake, we had a lot of dancing and fun. We had some games and toys to play with and there ended up being a crazy game of limbo.

We had a delicious ice cream sundae bar with an ice cream cart from my favorite ice cream place. It was a hit!

At one point during the reception, Dan and I took a break to take some pictures next to an amazing tree right on the water. It was a wonderful few moments to share with each other.

We had our favorite people to share our day with us and it was definitely filled with love.

It was our perfect day and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.
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