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photo friday

5 Oct
I didn’t do a photo friday post last week because I had no pictures to post. I haven’t been taking as many pictures with school and we haven’t really been doing much.
Anyway, here are my photos from this week!

crazy fall clouds

beautiful blue skies in the morning

rain in the evening

a princess twist from my favorite ice cream place Golick’s

finally a sunny day after all the rain

beautiful fall day

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a fabulous week!
Dan and I are relaxing tonight before our super full long weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

my week in photos

27 Feb

So I tend to take a few photos throughout the week with my cell phone as I do things. I thought I would share some on here…all those random single photos that don’t really fit anywhere else.

my beautiful grandparents.

chutes and ladders

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